Time index shows AM and PM the same


The time index in playback shows AM and PM the same, contradictory to the time stamp.
Time stamp is in 24 hour (eg; 16;22 / 21:45 / 07:33 etc) whereas the index used in playback shows 07:33 when it is 7:33 PM when it should show 19:33 and AM and PM not indicated. Sometimes it is frustrating to locate the correct time using the index.

There is also an overlap of time stamp information when the time index is visible in playback in landscape mode. The time index effectively overlays the timestamp on the screen, very difficult to read.

See uploaded screenshots

Not sure if this is just on my phone or if same on everyone’s phone.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I created a ticket for both of these issues a while ago through the app but never had any response. Don’t know if WYZE is looking into correcting it or not.


I like AM, PM on the timeline the way it is


Uhmm . . . I think you are missing the point.

AM and PM is not shown on the time index and the time stamp is in 24 hr format.

Thanks for you comment anyhow.