Time filtering Events in Playback

I often go and check back on past motion events, but primarily I’m interested in seeing events that happened at night. A filter to search events by a range of time of day could help with this, and similar (like watching the events during a time range when your kids are coming home from school for example).
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If you have person detection on your camera, you can set up a routine in the Alexa app to play a sound or whatever when the camera detects a person.

Thanks, but not quite what I’m trying to do. I’m not looking for extra notifications. I just want to be able to review past events during a specific period. I want to see if anything happened at night for last few nights for example.


I concur wholeheartedly! They made it worse now because it starts at the top again after every event viewing. We need time filtering! We need time filtering!

Would like to see a range of hours added to the Events display to make it easier to find them. Takes forever to scroll through the list to find the time you want to view.

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I also would like to see this feature and it really shouldn’t be hard to implement. My use case would be something like “show me all person detection events between 1am and 5am for the last week”. But even if it just allows filtering by time per day, that is better than the current event viewing model.

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I, once again, find it hard to believe that Wyze doesn’t have this simple function in their app. Not only is trying to find anything impossible in playback mode since they wont flag events, provide a logical way to scroll through time, provide 15 sec forward and reverse, etc… but even searching the 12 sec clips is cumbersome. We can filter by day, but not by time of day? This makes no sense and shows that basic design review was not thoroughly thought out. This is something that every other camera provider does.

New Product Design 101: Research your competition and at minimum provide the basic functionality they do.

Existing Product Improvement 201: Listen to your community’s suggestions and implement. Stop trying to make 50 different products until the ones you already have are great.

I can go to a specific day in the events tab, but I have lots of events each day so looking for something closer to midnight is a pain, it would be much to specify a time range filter for viewing events.

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I also think that filtering is much need it. I own a Netvue camera and they have the function to filter by day, hour and minutes. It’s very helpful. Hopefully wyze make this happens soon.

This is an example of the filter from Netvue app.


Can you add some filtering by time, hour, minute to the iOS app? I have multiple devices and trying to scroll endlessly through events only to find a certain 5 min block is a real shortcoming of the app. This should be easy to implement. I had to find something from 3am and had to scroll through tons of events from day to reach that time frame. Would be great to filter by date and times on a query. Thanks.

Wyzecam wyzecamv3 plus app ios


Please include the ability to filter events by time. With a whole lotta events recorded every day, being able to quickly see a specific time of day (or night) would be great.

When I am scrolling through my Events and click on one, when I go back, it takes me to the most recent event. It would be very helpful if when you clicked back, it would take you back to the location/time of events you were on. I hate having to then scroll down forever to find where I was.

Scrolling through a large list of events is slow and tedious. If it’s been many hours and I’m looking for activity between 1am-5am, I have to scroll past all the events from the day. On top of that, loading additional events is sometimes slow and sometimes fails (and presumably adds extra load to wyze servers!).

It’d be nice to be able to narrow/filter by time, so that I can jump straight to the hours of interest.