Tile Finder - not keen about other brands

The well-known gps and bluetooth tile and key finders on the market are too expensive and require a yearly renewal subscription.
The range is inadequate, and sound is poor.
I would like to use it in my suitcase and find my suitcase immediately at the airport, on a cruise ship, on a group tour, amongst the crowd of suitcases.

I have a tendency to
misplace much required items as I am heading out the door.

sets with recorded ringtones would be ideal
for children, pets, and humans!

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Welcome to the community, @happymaison! Normally, you’d post something like this in the wishlist section, but there’s already a topic for it. Be sure to go over there and vote for it. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, @happymaison. You can go over and VOTE on the top-left of the topic @nerdland referred you to. I’m closing this topic, but you can continue the discussion in that other one. :slight_smile:

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