Think outside North America, think outside the box

Hey guys, I am a big Wyze products fan, but…

Yes, there is a big BUT…

I live outside North America… I live in Peru and every time I want to buy a new Wyze product or have an early access I can’t be part of it.

Is there any possibility that we can participate as testers or have early access to those products?

Think a second… the world isn’t only North America and China, there are people like me and many others that want to be part of your team but live outside North America and we could give you our experience, our ideas, our time and passion to be part of your team.

¿Is there any possibility to be part of the staff living outside NA? If shipping it’s a problem I can afford it…

Think about…


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North America? WYZE doesn’t sell outside the US.
Canada and Mexico have been asking for two years.

I thought that Canada is included within the countries of sale and distribution of Wyze products…
Currently I have 4 Wyze cam v2 and they work spectacularly… One of them is located more than 1 year ago on the roof of my house under heavy sun, light rain and a lot of marine humidity since I live very close to the sea…

100% agree!
I received a newsletter from Wyze announcing the launch of the outdoor camera.
I followed the links to buy it, read the technical information, and did everything until I got to Amazon Pay. Then, a slightly enigmatic message appeared to me saying that they do not sell to my country: Portugal.
If they don’t sell to this country, why did they waste my time? To insult me? To show that only North Americans are worthy of their products?
Why don’t they tell us early on that they can’t, or don’t know or don’t want to sell outside the USA?
They can be good engineers and make good products. But it seems that is just it.

Welcome to the forum.

Again, not North Americans just the US.
I am in Canada. We can get some WYZE products through Amazon but they are unsupported with no warranty and we pay a higher price.

Hello there,

Belgium here (Europe) , Could we have an official statement that Wyze will never deliver outside US ?
(I cannot believe this could be true but…)

This breaks all my hopes, but at least I can then stop the wait and use another product (even if less great)

Now if we can still believe, then have at least an idea of a futur date

I doubt Wyze intends to never sell outside the US. But it’s not as simple as one thinks. They would need support staff, legal staff, translations, server infrastructure on an on and on in any area they sold to.

You mentioned you are in Belgium, that means EU. EU sales mean you must comply with EU laws, licensing etc. You must have a corporate presence and an EU Corp for taxes on revenue earned in the EU.

The EU privacy laws require customer data to be stored on servers in the EU. Have to hire support staff that speak the dozen or so languages of the EU.

Thanks for the feedback BRuce.
I see the picture…
So that means a give up for me.

For now unfortunately, hopefully Wyze will partner with an EU company at some point.

BUT, because there is always a BUT…
Maybe one of us or maybe more people, could be interested to be a distributor or a local representative in their own country…

I would very much like to be a Wyze dealer or representative in my country or at least in my city which is where 1/3 of the country’s population lives.
I am sure it would be a success, especially in countries like mine where security and control of what happens every day is very important.

In that way, the local representative will be responsible of translations, first level support to customers, pay taxes, import and customs, end so on.

I have the best hope that the people of wyze read this and bet on potential allies outside the US.