Thermostate functionality question - does it set to home with motion?

Nope if I come home it may be for a quick lunch, feed the dog or to rub one out then head back to work. I would want it to stay in away if my schedule says so.

Why did you buy a smart thermostat if you’re only going to get angry at it? I think you’d be happier with a dumb thermostat that just sits on the wall and follows your preprogrammed schedules.

I am going back to my dumb once I get rma. Wanted WiFi ability for lowest cost.

You know you could flip it. Use the “Away” setting for your home setting and “home” for your away settings. Then the thermostat wouldn’t change it on you regardless of what you did.

Yes but i shouldn’t have to. I could drive to work I reverse also but don’t.

So, you’d rather wyze break functionality for everyone else than just set it up the way you’re supposed to to get the functionality you want. got it.

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To be fair, he has a valid use case that being able to toggle the motion setting home status on/off would solve for. Potentially when they get the learning schedules in place this wouldn’t be needed as the thermostat would learn not to switch home when he pops in for a few minutes or has a quick lunch.


There is a switch, but it does not change this issue. I have the switch set to off, but it still turns from Away to Home when I walk by the thermostat. So why is there a switch if it does not change this issue?

If you read the description beneath that switch, you’ll find that switch is controlling whether your PHONE location is used to set Away/Home. It has nothing to do with motion.

The same goes for the Lock Themorstat switch, it simply prevents you from making changes using the dial.

There is no switch in the app that will disable motion detection.

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Interesting how Wyze does not comment at all. They have also stopped replying to my email to service about this issue. In fact, they seemed to think this was an issue also, as they have had me try a lot of different items to fix it, including resetting the thermostat!

I suspect there will eventually be a setting to disable the switch to home when walking past the thermostat. It was ether a use case that they didn’t uncover in discovery and testing or one that was intentionally triaged for the future due to time constraints and limited resources.