Thermostat (wiring?) issues

I dont think I have that, unless it’s integral to the goodman unit. There’s only one physical “thing” there.

Regardless it seems for this evening I’m back to how it was with the Honeywell, heat working, with the wyze. i guess it’s “progress”. Tomorrow I’ll try the AC again, regardless I’ve apparently bought some time if heat is actually reliably working.

You should check your system for ice buildup and look at the condition of the coils and furnace filter. if they are clogged, you will sometimes get minimal heat from the heat pump and almost no cooling before the compressor shuts off on high pressure.

Alright so I finally had a tech out after 3-4 weeks of the system working intermittently and eventually not at all. The tech pretty quickly diagnosed the root problem, the green (fan) wire was dead. Not shorted, maybe cut somewhere in the wall or who knows. Even though all the wires looked solid at the thermostat and were sheathed. He asked if I wanted to keep it color correct and run a new batch of wires or since he had some free wires, just substitute the black one for green. I said just use the black since it seemed way easier. (now we know why future home owners have headaches LOL, although if they follow the labeling they should catch it). Now everything works perfect. He was saying with the compressor running with no fan it would have heated up so I was worried I might have burnt up my compressor, but as expected he said they also have safety cutoffs for that sort of thing. He tested the Compressor and it’s readings were all great, it was pulling 6 amps against a max of 16 or something. Overall the cost of the service call was 130 so given the worst case scenarios in my head I was very pleased.

so yep, dead (or likely intermittent in the beginning IMO) green wire was my issue all along. Not sure why changing the thermostat apparently triggered it to finally fail, but it did. IIRC the Wyze was flagging no G wire too, so it was correct.

I had purchased a $130 Nest Thermo to rule out a defective Wyze as the issue, I think I’ll just keep it. I MASSIVELY prefer the Wyze’s looks and simple, satisfyingly dial, but at the end of the day I trust the google to make a quality product and software (and given the price) where the Wyze I expect teething issue. I also like it interact with Alexa better than my old Honeywell which would often return the “thermostat not responding” via Alexa, where the Nest in a couple weeks use never does that.

I feel like I could have maybe diagnosed myself, with a multimeter etc. I didn’t really trust the Wyze telling me G was dead (and IIRC the Nest claimed a couple different wires were dead at different times but was inconsistent?) or i might have figured it out. oh well.