Thermostat (wiring?) issues

Ok I have a heat pump system with 2 stage heating I believe. The emergency heat (strips) and regular. Had Honeywell wifi thermo before, it worked fine, just wanted something nicer looking and more modern.

Tried to install the wyze and it was a nightmare. One consistent problem, that never changed, is it kept telling me my green wire (G) was missing, even though it was clearly connected. Maybe this has something to do with all the issues.

The issues were the thermostat never worked properly, heat would always blow cool or vice versa, or sometimes half the heat settings would work and half be reversed, same with cool etc. another thing I noticed is never once at any time did the fan stop blowing, even though I tried to turn it off in the app. Also often it would give me a 4 stage test, when I believe I should only have 3 (2 heat 1 cool). I also didn’t understand either the app or the physical thermostat, both seemed uncontrollable or to have no affect on each other at times. Many times turning the physical dial did not change the display at all etc.

I ended up reinstalling the honeywell after like 2 hours of hassling with it. I have already read a lot of the posts and falsely thought “surely this must be my problem too” several times already, no dice. I tried switching the heat/cool, it would never work for all modes some were always reversed etc. I understand about the honeywell bottom vs top wiring labeling from reading posts…still was no help, nothing worked.

Anyways here is a pic of my original wiring on the honeywell

do u have a pic of the wyze tstat when it was wired, and also a pic of your control board wiring?

You followed the letters at the bottom for heat pump instead of the top letters for conventional?

These labels are for heat pumps.

From left to right, your wires are : Aux, G, O/B, C, Y, R

yes, i figured that out from reading posts here. still did not work. was randomly reversed heat/cold (but not allways, it was like 50% of checks were reversed and 50% correct, but random). But I never got to where it was totally reversed so I could do the flip heat with cold thing. and fan never turned off ever at any point no matter what. Also Like I mentioned, I constantly got the “Wire G missing” warning even though it wasn’t. I just had to “skip” that to proceed every time. But I’m wondering if it has to do with my problems.

also another thing not sure it’s relevant and i mentioned before, but many times it was doing a 4 stage check for me, when i assume i have a 3 stage unit. i cant remember if it did that every time.

unfortunately not pic of wyze wiring, but i would have just connected according to the labeling for bottom heat pump, at least later on once i figured that out.

also how do i do a pic of control board wiring? is that mean at the hvac unit?

one thing i noticed is i did screencap the app instructions for one of my wyze wiring runs (of course there were several as i learned new info from here), and it looks like i may have confused rc for r. at least on that run. i cant say if i did it every time, but i suppose that could have been an issue.

still concerned about missing g wire alert which never went away.

i guess i can try one final run making triple sure i’m using aux, g, o/b, c, y, r, i know its still gonna throw the missing g wire alert.

i have a lot of work over the weekend so i wouldn’t dare try again until monday…if at all kinda debating.

I can tell you that you definitely did not have it set up properly, as your aux wire is labeled W2 in your image. The wyze will want you to put that wire into W1, probably.

I did not use those labels. They were the old labels which I replaced with new Wyze labels accordingly. Also, I simply used the picture as a reference of what was what. The labels were not really used as a reference, although I did correct them.

To simplify: A)The wires are now correctly labeled B) I used the picture (on my smartphone) as reference not the labels.

You should have a total of 3 stages. 1: cold 2: heat pump in heat mode. 3: heat pump in heat mode with heat strips. There might be 4 tests, if the wyze allows you to run the heat strips independently of the heat pump. When you are in the app, it will ask you what is on aux, and you should answer electric heat. Have you checked to make sure the G wire is actually hooked up at the air handler? Sometimes it is left disconnected by the installer. From your mention of fan constantly running, I wonder if the C wire somehow got hooked up to G. Did your old thermostat work when there were no batteries in it?

Not sure about the old thermostat working without batteries. They’ve always been in there I guess. Old Thermostat btw is the current one as I hooked it back up since I couldn’t get the Wyze working.

Now I’d like to look at the control board wiring at the air handler, but it’s in the attic and Im worried it’s a bit over my pay grade. If I’m mentioned it a few times I’m not handy and bad at do it yourself projects although I get by.

I guess I can just open the big panel where what looks like power wires go in at the air handler to see the control board?

I’m kind of reticent to do anything in the short term as we’ve had a cold snap and not having heat would be a big problem currently should I mess anything up. I did find the air handler manual in the attic. It shows 3 types of wiring. Single speed cooling 2 stage heat, single cooling 1 stage heat, and heat pump. Obviously I have a heat pump so you’d think that would be the one, but it’s wiring diagram in the manual doesnt match mine at the thermostat. Nor does 1 cool 1 heat wiring. The 1 cool 2 heat wiring most closely matches mine (at the thermostat), it shows W2, W1, G, Y, RC and RH jumpered together. Total of 5 wires where I have 6.

The single cooling 1 stage heat wiring diagram shows just 4 wires at the thermostat ( W, G, Y, R) and the heat pump diagram shows 8 (F, B, X2, W, T, G, O, Y ,R). So these dont seem to come close to the actual wiring at my Thermo.

I believe it’s an American Standard (Trane?) Air handler if that matters. Model TWE-IN-2A. It’s a Goodman heat pump unit I believe

I found the manual online and here are the wiring layouts I referred too

Open the air handler panel and take pictures. Don’t touch anything. just take pictures and post them here. If I need to see a specific part in more detail I might ask you to make it clearer by moving some things around, but I should be able to spot any issues with the wiring pretty quickly.

ok, i scrambled up there, perched precariously on the crossbeams in the dark and was able to pry open the panel. however i was not necessarily able to get 100% clear shot of the board. i also post one clean pic of the wire nut tangle where the thermo wires are attached to the boards. from what i noticed, it seemed mostly color for color, eg green attached to green, yellow/yellow, etc. there were a couple odd ones like brown and two reds in the same nut, maybe you can see them in the pic. The board i couldn’t read well either, the one you can 100% clearly see is the green “G” terminal up top. The 4 to the side i couldn’t really read, and not really sure what the rest of the stuff has got going on. I was able to zoom and rotate one of the pics and the two blue wires going to the top right, just below the green, appear to be labeled j7 and j8?

Everything looks correctly wired.
I don’t suppose you have a picture of how your wyze was wired up? Assuming it was also wired correctly, I would have to assume your thermostat is simply defective and is constantly calling for the fan to run.

Unfortunately never took a pic of the Wyze wiring. Probably will give it one more run and take pics Monday, but I’m not too optimistic.

Do you think another brand, like a Nest, would work for me?