Thermostat wiring for Y wire

I agree 60 secs is not long enough. I did some testing the other day, my burners ignite around 35 secs, and with the G wire removed from the control board (allowing the furnace to control the fan) the fan kicks in around 75 secs.

During my testing, with the G wire connected and setting the fan delay in the Wyze app to “by furnace”, the fan kicked on at the same time, around 75 secs, so maybe this setting allows the furnace to control the fan.

Are you running the beta version for that fan activation delay option in the advanced options? I don’t see it in the latest released version 1.1.16.

Yes, I am.

I have the 1.1.7 firmware but not the beta App and this setting does not show up for me yet. But it looks like “By furnace” will indeed do what we have waited for so long, and if so then I won’t have to remove the G wire again come heating season :slight_smile:

I’m also sure that it will make @speadie happy :smiley: