Thermostat temp swings

I was wondering the same thing :+1:t2:

Not that I know of! I mean, I never tried to do that. All I did was set my Temperature Preferences.

Did you play with the Max Savings/Max Comfort slide? Whenever you touch that slide, the default values for Temperature Preferences will reset. Resetting those values is an incredibly dumb programming decision as far as I’m concerned, but it has left me puzzled a couple of times as well.

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Check your Settings, then Schedule. If you have anything listed, swipe to the left and delete it. There were some default ones that were offered in the the set up. They override the preferred temp settings.

Yes I did delete the default schedule after trying to modify it first - but since that still kept the strange behaviors, I deleted it and started from scratch - first defining my temperature preferences and then a new schedule.

Still the swings persist and the sometimes strange behavior of cooling to temperatures that are not on my schedule…

I’ve had severe issues to. I have tstat in my shop, it just kept changing set temps by itself, I think it was when it started to heat
I finally set HOME , AWAY, SLEEP all the same @50 degrees, thinking no matter what it would stay at set point. Wrong answer.
It could be set at any one of the three modes and it might change set temp to 60 one time, then 55 next heat cycle , then 65 and on and on.
I finally set hold temp @ 50 and now it keeps the temp and no changes
I had no schedules set.

Thank you. I did find a default schedule and deleted it. It was not the schedule I would have picked. Hopefully, everything will work OK from here on in.


This thread has been strangely silent; has the elusive firmware update finally been released, then? I’d like to reinstall my wyze, but if the temp swing problem hasn’t been fixed I’ll stay on my Honeywell…

It’s better. There are still some problems that need work, but the .5 degree differential temperature setting is in the current firmware and the swings are not as large as they were before. I do still see temperatures that are not the set one, which is something that never happened on my old Honeywell, but the gap is much closer.

The gap seems to be much closer and the biggest problem for me is fixed. It no longer turns on my electric coils right before it hits set temp. That greatly increased my bill and it would cause it to overshoot by 2 degrees.

I am far happier with my thermostat after the last update.

I’m new to the wyze ecosystem but quickly went all in after liking the camera. I’ve caught up on this thread but was wondering if Wyze is going to investigate the temperature swings. It’s currrently 67 degrees outside, my thermostat is set to cool at 71 degrees (it was a hotter day) but my unit keeps cycling on and off due to the thermostat varying from 69 to 74 degrees in minutes. I’ve compensated by adjust the allowable variance to 3 degrees, but I prefer not to. Any help coming?

Unfortunately the tstat has had this issue since release, and many other issues too. Hard to say when and if anything will be done to resolve the many tstat issues.

There seems to be no rush on the manufactures end,
Probably due to trying to develop and release to many items at the same time and not focusing on resolving issues.

Are you saying that your thermostat goes from showing 69 to showing 74 degrees within minutes? That actually sounds like a hardware problem, unless it’s in bright sunlight. Or is it installed below a vent where it catches the cold air and goes from 74 to 69 degrees in minutes? That would be a whole different problem.

yeah, that sounds defective or it’s in a location that’s got temp swings and is messing with it. I’ve used mine since it came in January and it’s not had swings like that.

No sunlight touches it and no vents nearby…

It was at night when I first noticed the behavior bc I’m not home during the day. It just seemed like the AC was cycling on an off a lot so I watched the thermostat and the temp would vary 2-5 degrees over a few minutes. I set it at 70 and the ambient temperature outside was 68. New windows and a smaller home so you would think the AC wouldn’t run much at all…

As I type this it jumped from 71 to 74 and the AC kicked on. It’s 64 outside…

I installed the tstat many months ago and it worked fine through the winter with heat. I have baseboard radiator heat but forced air cooling.

That sounds like a sensor problem to me. Do you have a thermometer that you can check the temperature with close to the thermostat? If that shows a more stable temperature then you can open a ticket with Wyze.

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Thanks - just bought one last night.