Thermostat temp swings

I too cant live with the differental/ swings.
At least someone got more than autobot replies to a trouble ticket.
This is my first Wyze product and I’m not getting a " warm and fuzzy" ( literally).
I want to hang on in hopes they correct it but have to return within 30 days ( end of Jan )

I am in the same boat. Really want to hang in as I have pretty heavily invested in the Wyze ecosystem. First time I have had a hiccup. Wish there was something more substantial from Wyze as to their stance on this and if/when it may be addressed. I would like to know if they think there is an issue or if it is functioning as designed.

Supposedly they are addressing it. Question is how long will it take.

I plan to keep them
Worst case scenario past the return date sell it on eBay or on the Wyze FB group
Some die hard fans will take it from you at price paid plus tax plus shipping. Maybe even more.

Did you get it to work better ?

It wasn’t meeting my expectations. I have swapped back to my previous thermostat. Hope to hear of a new firmware/software update and will reinstall to give it another shot.

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Week in review. Gas, forced air, 2 Stage (controlled by board). The swings are +/- 0.5 degrees from set point. Pretty good.

Had to pull the humidifier wire out to stop the condensation build up on windows.

I read the response from “Richard” about a firmware update. Anything further on this? I just received my thermostat but have not installed yet due to the many complaints I’m seeing about swings in temperature regulation. I also found that my friend who turned me on to the thermostat is going to remove it since he can’t seem to do better than about +/- 2 degrees. At that rate, my wife would have me removing it within a day or two at the most so I’d rather hold off for now.

Hi there,
same problem here - have been very happy with all the other Wyze Products (Cam, Plugs, Headphones) but the thermostat does not function as it should. The 2.17.21 update of the app (iPhone) is out and there is still no change… My firmware of the wall unit is still 1.1.1.
Behavior is very odd - if I set it to cool to 78F (Florida) the wall unit says 79F and does NOT turn on the cooling. Have to set it to 77F manually to start cooling - then it says cooling down in 30 min - but the AC turns on immediately - so need a 2F difference to actually start the AC - REALLY ?
Please release the FW Update ASAP !!!

Still holding steady with reasonable temp swings (gas, forced air, 2 stage heat). Manual overrides are the peaks. Was able to reconnect humidifier wire (asterisk) with app v2.17.21, due to humidistat fix. Hoping for more fixes soon. Let’s do this Wyze!

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Yeah, too wide a temp swing here to. Is it better to delete the app
before getting the latest version?


My updates work well without deleting the app

I normally set my thermostat to 60 degrees at bedtime, and 68 degrees during the day. I don’t have a program set because I go to bed at varying times during the week.

So I set the thermostat to 60 just before getting into bed, but if I should wake up during night to go to the bathroom and walk near the thermostat, it will sense motion and raise the temperature to 68.
So, before I hop into bed again, I have to open my app and make sure it’s set on 60.

Anybody else have this experience?

Set the sleep mode default temp to 60 and then put it into sleep mode when you go to sleep.


Thanks. I’ll give it a try!

OK, well this is not working properly.
Like you suggested, I made my sleep mode default temp 60 degrees and put my app into sleep mode when I go to bed. But several times now I have woken up in the middle of the night and checked my app, and it said “Heating to 65.”
What? I don’t even have that set under my Temperature Preferences. I have Home set at 68, Away set at 60 and Sleep set at 60. So where does 65 come from?
And if I’m in Sleep Mode which is set for 60, why would it change to 65 in the middle of the night?

do you have a schedule set?

I agree - there is no logic between the ‘heating to’ or ‘cooling to’ numbers the Temperature Preferences or the degrees set in the schedules… the thermostats seem to do random things that oscillate somewhat around a set temperature. But one never knows if it is because the device decides something on its own, or the software is buggy or both…

High Time for a firmware update that normalizes this and makes things logical and easy to understand.
Also why can’t we read temperature profiles out of the device - need to buy a separate BT thermometer - even though the Wyze has temp sensor built in… should be standard to draw temperature profiles not just the hours the AC is running…

Filtermanagement is also not clear - should show when filter was last changed, as well as how many hours it has been running… not just percentage (mine shows 1% since 3 weeks).

Last not least - I would like to have an option to have the fan running for 5 mins every 30 mins etc if the AC has not been on during that time… if it has been, then obviously not… the current fan cycle does not seem to do this (or I do not get when it turns on and when not… but the fact that my Filtermanagement says it has only been used 1% of the time strongly suggests this feature is not working (I set Filtermanagement to 3 months max filter usage = meaning change filter every 3 months at normal usage ?)
Thanks for any additional insights and the Firmware/Software update !!!

No, I do not, because I go to bed different times at night, and leave my house at different times.

did you delete the default schedule?

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