Thermostat temp swings

I too cant live with the differental/ swings.
At least someone got more than autobot replies to a trouble ticket.
This is my first Wyze product and I’m not getting a " warm and fuzzy" ( literally).
I want to hang on in hopes they correct it but have to return within 30 days ( end of Jan )

I am in the same boat. Really want to hang in as I have pretty heavily invested in the Wyze ecosystem. First time I have had a hiccup. Wish there was something more substantial from Wyze as to their stance on this and if/when it may be addressed. I would like to know if they think there is an issue or if it is functioning as designed.

Supposedly they are addressing it. Question is how long will it take.

I plan to keep them
Worst case scenario past the return date sell it on eBay or on the Wyze FB group
Some die hard fans will take it from you at price paid plus tax plus shipping. Maybe even more.

Did you get it to work better ?

It wasn’t meeting my expectations. I have swapped back to my previous thermostat. Hope to hear of a new firmware/software update and will reinstall to give it another shot.

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