Thermostat Safety Temperature Setting

Has anyone experienced the Safety Temperature setting keeping a house within the range even with the thermostat turned off?

Not my house , but I have the Wyze tstat in my shop, I have the safety temperature set at 37 degrees. Here in Wi. A few weeks ago we were in the deep freeze -20 at night. The safety temp. Activated several nights. The big issue with the safety temp is when it’s activated the thermostat automatically goes into a run mode and stays in that mode, mine one night ran the temp to 65 degrees and stayed at that set temp. Another night it went to 55 degrees and stayed there all night. Seems like Wyze tstat has its own mind. You have to manually lower the temp after the system is triggered to run by safety temp.

Thank you for your response. You gave me more helpful information than WYZE support! You are correct about the safety as that is exactly what happened. Fortunately I was able to adjust the temperature and watch as it raised and therefore could shut off the unit.

agree with redbadger. I have my thermostat set to OFF with a safety temp of 40. I sometimes discover the thermostat is no longer OFF, and the furnace has been running. I suspect when the safety temp is hit, the thermostat is set to AWAY and whatever AWAY temp is set, is now the target temp. At least that is what I suspect.