Thermostat Peak Demand scheduling

My power company charges more during peak hours. In the winter 6-9AM and summer 5-7PM. It would be great if you can add this to the thermostat. My honeywell had this and all I had to do is set the hours and dates and it would go into peak mode no matter what the schedule was set to. To do this now it’s a shedding nightmare the way it is and I would be able to use the auto switch feature. Please Please add this. My hot water heater controller has this feature as well but it’s more advanced. And how will the remote sensor integrate with the thermostat? What options will we have?

The other thing that is really needed is an indicator on the display and the app when the unit is running. I can hear the relay click that’s the way I know it turned on

On mine, the display turns orange when it’s heating.

Thanks maybe i missed that I’ll check it out again