Thermostat 'offline' issues

Wow I didn’t expect another issue everything started going smooth, me old nerd noticed thermo face showed WIFI out but checking app shows ok, router ok, checked here nothing has worked made a ticket maybe we will get a replacement. anyone get a replacement? if I had just left it alone…old thermo back on the wall*&^%$

“fixed” the issue since my last post. Started up again. No reason to, no power loss.

That worked for me also be but no longer. Shows wyze but can’t log into wifi, tried lte on phone turned off 5mhz on router, ticket to replace…
(update) replacement thermo shows shipped on 3.24.2021 app tracking number shows usps not received. Last email from wyze says they are on overload… Ordered on 3.15.2021 … Rcvd working great.