Thermostat multi zone support

Please update the Thermostats to support multiple cooling zones on one HVAC system. Also while this is not currently possible please update the thermostat faq information to alert the fact that multi zone systems are not supported so others do not make the same mistake I did.


Earlier today I installed two thermostats (and connected two c-wire adapters to my zone system control board). Been working great all day.

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so does the wyze Thermostat support multi zones? I have 2 thermostat in my house which control 1 ac and furnace… will the wyze Thermostats work?

There are 3 zones on one AC, each zone has a Wyze thermostat and c wire adapter connected to the zone board.


not sure what that tells me

Thought you were asking a question regarding my post?

Wyze Thermostats do not support multi zone systems as per Wyze support. I have posted a request to get that feature developed.