Thermostat "missing wire"

@Brian do I go off what the app tells me to do with the wires or do I change what the app says to what you put? App says E = * but you mentioned it as E =w2

this picture is according to the app and doesn’t give me a heat pump selection just electric, oil, gas

Also old thermostat didn’t have the c wire connected it was just sitting in the wall so I pulled it out to connect to the wyze

Usually we install to W2, but the * may work as well. You’re choosing “Electric” during setup?

Yes I’m choosing electric

Wyze is suppose to be emailing me to help. Thank you i may have to call a local hvac to come do it

I keep getting W2 wire is missing. My current set up of my old thermostat is in the picture. Everything was fine following through the app but this problem.

Make sure you follow the wiring for the correct HVAC system you have. Bottom is heat pump and top is conventional gas.

Did you label using the terminal labels for Heat Pump? If so, you won’t have a W2. Sounds like you labeled them for Conventional Gas.

Looks like I labeled for conventional gas and need to do it for Heat pump. I will try this thanks

Ok so I corrected the labels for Heat pump. Now I’m getting W1 wire missing and I skipped to see if able to work. I get no heat just cold air. This is my 3rd attempt about to be done.