Thermostat Manual Overrride

So with the recent app outage causing me to manually control some plugs and bulbs this question came up.

What happens with the thermostat with an app outage? If I set a program through the app is it loaded into the thermostat or is it solely relying on the app functioning?

Does the thermostat need 24/7 internet/wifi connection? Can it function as a plain old dumb thermostat if things go down?

I’ve got one ordered but I never really thought about it.


if there’s a app issue or u lose wifi, the thermostat will continue to follow the last saved schedule, and yes, u can always adjust the temp manually from the thermostat itself.


Perfect, thanks.

Looking forward to not getting out of bed to turn up the thermostat after my wife turns it down. Gonna give it quite a workout.

Unless, of course, you need to run a C-wire. :rofl:

@tcg550, I’m just messing with Ken. But, he is correct, short of a complete power outage, the Wyze Thermostat can always be used manually.


My house built in ‘97 had an extra unterminated wire I was able to use for C with my Nest and connect to my furnace. Sure not as clean of an install but there are AC adapters you can wire up to these thermostats as well if you don’t have C wire.

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A couple of things, first: my “C-wire” comment to @Ken.S was a continuation of a running inside joke. I did not intend to hijack this thread.

Second: to address your comment directly the Wyze Thermostat does come with a C-wire adapter for those systems that don’t have an extra wire like yours does,