Thermostat is not Energy Star Certified

Just FYI, for people wondering the same.

I was looking forward to an energy bill rebate from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) for a smart thermostat. Wyze Thermostat is not on their list, because it is not certified. (Doesn’t Wyze HQ use PSE utility in Kirkland?)

Doesn’t seem right? The crummiest washing machines are “Energy Star Certified”. How could a little smart thermostat not be?

Im trying to find where they posted it, but they said that while it does qualify, it needs to be available for a certain period of time and then that data provided to Energy Star in order for it to be certified.

Edit: Here’s the info from the EPA. They want a year of data.


Bummer. I should have gone for the Nest. $130 minus a $75 rebate sounds better since it is Google’s backend (as a Google Home user). Wyze’s backend leaves a lot to be desired with constant downtime. That future Wyze sensor better makes up for it then!