Thermostat, important note!

Received my thermostat yesterday, went to install it this morning and hit a roadblock. Not knowing in advance that it would require a 5th wire for the C-terminal, I could have saved the whole process of ordering and receiving it to find out it will not be able to be installed in my apartment. There is a 5th unused wire in the cable coming out of the wall. Found out when I contacted my landlady that the control board for my air conditioning and heat is in the attic which is kept locked, and tenants are not allowed to access it. Asked about using a professional at my expense to connect that 5th wire and was denied. It’s an older apartment and they do not want any modifications made to any existing wiring, even low-voltage. Sadly I will be sending the unit back. Make sure if you do not have that 5th wire for the C-terminal that you have a way to access wherever the control board is for your system, or you will not be able to make it work.

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This is a problem with the design of this product. I was able to access my control panel and connect the C-wire (common power wire), but this shouldn’t be necessary. I came from using a Nest Thermostat and the makers understood that this was an issue and designed the C-wire solution right into the device. Wyze’s reliance on accessing the control panel is a sad state of affairs and shows that they are playing with equipment that they do not truly understand and putting bandaids on problems rather than finding true universal fixes.

I agree with your statement and it’s sad that your complex can’t just go it and connect the C-Wire. It doesn’t hurt anything if it is disconnected at the control panel or at the terminal device. It is low-voltage. If they were truly worried, they could just cut the C-Wire (blue) at the terminal end so it would have no exposed metal. It’s not like it would ever cause a short or a fire.

As a homeowner and a landlord, I see both sides of the issue. I know that I am always hesitant to allow electrical changes to my apartments, especially if the changes are not made by a professional and are not reported to me before hand. It is a matter of liability. If changes are made by a licensed/insured pro and arranged prior to any work, I would most likely approve depending on the request. But, anything installed has remain once the tenant moves out, unless the cost for undoing the change falls back to the tenant.

All that said, I am planning on installing at least 1 Wyze thermostat in a unit to test it out. Depending on that test, I may order more and have them installed too.

In your case, you have done everything that you can reasonably do to be able to use your purchase. It’s unfortunate your landlord is not willing to work with you.


I think I will be able to bring her around. I have worked as an electrical electronics and mechanical technician for over 50 years lol. She also appreciates that she never has to fix anything in my apartment, I take care of it all. I fully and completely understand the initial answer. As one of the toughest buyers I sold product to once told me, and she made sure I understood it was actually a compliment, you are persistent right to the edge of obnoxiousness!


I thought a C-wire is NOT required as Wyze provides a C-wire adapter for systems where a C-wire was not run from the furnace to the thermostat. There is no need to fish a wire from the furnace. A number of testers successfully used the adapter.

The installation video ( ) gives pretty clear instructions on installing the adapter. They begin at about 2:15 into the video.

In essence, the adapter jumps the C-wire terminal on the main control board on the furnace with one of the other wires to provide the power for the Wyze thermostat. I had a C-wire, so I didn’t need to use the adapter. So I don’t know which wires are jumped together.

Also, maybe I’m miss-informed here since I had a C-wire and didn’t have to go through the adapter, but maybe someone with more insight can confirm?

It’s true they do provide a C wire adapter but as I noted in my comment to use that C wire adapter you must have access to the control board wherever it is, in my case as a renter the control board is where the air handler is up in the attic and that is not accessable or allowed to be entered by tenants. Further my landlady does not even want to let me have a professional come in and do it even though I am a professional LOL. So in that case there is no other answer.