Thermostat Humidity Setting

Does anyone else notice that the humidity is managed at approx 5% below the hunidity set point? I’d use the humidity correction, but I have two different thermostats in separate locations, and they perform the same way. Maybe it’s a bug?

^^?? Anyone?

I’m having a problem with mine, I set it to 30-50% and it settles between 20-25%. I raised it to 35-55% and I haven’t noticed a change. I don’t have any other sensors to compare the humidity reading to. debating getting a pair of small ones off Amazon just for comparison.

I also might have an issue with the wiring. I have a whole house humidifier that doesn’t have it’s own heater or fan (that was in the setup options) and is connected to the main trunk air flow. I had to connect the wiring to my yellow “heat” wire for it to run. Tried using the star (*) connection and didn’t seem to be working.

EDIT - As I read through more of the forums I see that some of your other posts are what I found to get me somewhat up and running with the humidifier connected to when heat is called for.

Are you running off the star * terminal now?

Yes. I am on the * terminal now. During setup it asks whether humidifier should run on fam or heat. I select heat. Appears to work other than 5% low. Checking other sensors in house, the humidified reading is within 1-2% of the tstat measure. But I have the set point approx 5% higher than what it maintains. @WyzeJimmy