Thermostat - how to delete the home home away preprograms

there’s no way to set the temperature warm enough or cool enough. So I can’t keep the temperature at 70 to 72 degrees and either has to be down to 68 or up to 74. It’s like you’re not allowed to have a comfortable temperature and when you have somebody who is pushing 90 and has Alzheimer’s this is just really not even funny.

I finally figured out how to delete all the precept programs that I thought was preventing us from having heat in the house. That didn’t solve the problem. But there’s still these temperature preferences that I can’t delete and it won’t let me have it heat to 70 and cool to 72. It’s forcing me to have 5° between heat and cool and these temperature preferences and I don’t know if that’s part of the problem which why we can’t have the house at a comfortable temperature and in fact the heat won’t even stay on right now.

The flames come on stay on for about 5 seconds and then go off not a single problem with the previous thermo running the furnace.

So how do I delete all the forced company temperature preferences so I can get rid of whatever it is preventing us from having a comfortable temperature and not being forced to have it too cold or too hot assuming that we can ever get it to actually operate the furnace.

I couldn’t be more disappointed in a product. And I thought the problems we had with the geo lux at another house was bad.

And to beat it all and being asked to pick a category but no category show up except for weird stuff like Android 2057 or something like that. Thermostat doesn’t register as a category…

the thermostat does not follow the temperature preferences, it only follows your schedule. I believe there is a default schedule. To delete the schedule, swipe left on it.

You are asking for something that no thermostat offers. When a thermostat is in auto mode, it will always have a temperature gap of several degrees, to prevent the heating and air conditioning from fighting with each other. If you want to select a single temperature, then you must have it in manual heat or manual cool mode.