Thermostat - furnace doesn’t “pre heat” anymore

I installed the Wyze thermostat a couple weeks ago. I notice that now when the furnace kicks on, it is instantly blowing air - which turns out to be cool air since it takes a while to heat. With my old thermostat, I could hear the furnace kick on but it wouldn’t start blowing air for another 30 seconds to minute as it seemed like it was heating up.

Any thoughts? I’d rather it not instantly blow cool air when the heat kicks in.


Mine does the same thing. Maybe the way it was programmed?

I am assuming you have a gas or feul oil furnace. Turn off the power to your furnace, disconnect the G wire (fan)at the Wyze thermostat. Turn power to furnace back on. The fan limit control on your furnace should now control the blower instead of the t-stat.

I as well appear to have this problem. My “G” wire is connect at the thermostat just as Wyze said do in the limited directions. My fan comes on when heat comes on. Should have a ramp up time don’t you think?, My removed thermostat did have a ramp up time.
Does removing the “G” wire at the thermostat correct that problem?