Thermostat Filter Management

It’s based on run time of the system, not actual days, so if you have a 3 month filter and the system is only running 3 months a year, it will only ask you to change it once a year. If your old system was based on actual days, you will need to adjust how long of a time you put in for the filter change.

From day one of this thermostat release, my filter % still at 0 no matter of hours of run time. I have it set to a month for testing too.

Will it ever work? Anyone got theirs to work?

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Bump, installed this thermostat xmas of 2019 and this feature has never worked or been resolved. Filter always sits at 0%. Anyone have any idea if there’s something I need to do to fix this?

You most likely have the wrong time set for your filter life. Wyze’s filter monitor feature only counts down when your blower fan is actually running, so if you have a filter that you set to 3 months (2160 hours), and your furnace is actually only running for an hour or 2 a day, it will take 36 months for the filter reminder to activate.
You need to figure out the actual average runtime for your furnace and extrapolate your filter change frequency from that unfortunately. It would be really great if wyze could give the option to select filter expiry by date or by runtime, so that this wasn’t so hard for people that are used to changing the filter during the heating/cooling system every X months.

There’s also the issue that wyze’s minimum filter change time is 1 month, so if your system runs for 2 hours a day, it will only remind you to change your filter once a year. It’s a pretty terribly designed system.

For reference, my system had a 3 month filter that is at 1% according to wyze after 9 months of running… I’ve replaced it several times already, I’ve just got it programmed in my google calendar to remind me to change it and I completely ignore the wyze filter management status.

I agree with Speadie’s comments but will add that I think there is some sort of bug as well. It was working for me up to the point this fall when I reset it after replacing the filter (it was around 20% used in 9 months). Since I reset it, it’s still at zero and most certainly should have moved by now. They should also have a way to change the filter settings other than resetting the thermostat.