Thermostat fan delay function

Thanks for the clarification. That’s good, I only use auto fan mode.

Seems beta firmware 1.1.7 has the fan activation delay with a ‘By furnace’ option. Can’t confirm if it works as I just switched to cooling here in Dallas.

Thanks for the update. Good to hear. I just installed mine this weekend and used other/radiator. BTW, what exactly does the “Fan Cycle” do? I know roughly what it means but I would like clarification if possible.

Awesome! We will have to check it out.

I am here in the Dallas area as well and have 3 Wyze Thermostats. A few small issues, but for the most part, I am very happy. Look forward to 1.1.7 but did not have major fan problems as many of them are referring to.

Fan Cycle as I understand it. On nice days here in the Midwest it warms up in the afternoon. I want to spread that heat around without actually running the furnace or the fan all the time. I set up my fan cycle duration for 20 minutes. I believe that for 20 minutes each hour the fan will turn on and move my air around hopefully keeping my house more balanced without actually running AC or heat.

Thanks for the reply. My house temp. is in between my heat and air setting so no need for either. And as far as I know, my fan hasn’t came on, unless I didn’t notice it. I’ll have to pay more attention. Here in the Midwest, I literally can go from heat at night/early morning to AC in the afternoon.

I have an older house that probably isn’t sealed very good and it seems like in the middle of hot summer nights, it gets kind of humid inside since the AC is not coming on. To deal with this, I usually drop the temp for the AC to come on at night. I always wanted a setting that either worked off humidity or turns on the AC for X amount of time per hour even if there wasn’t a call for it. I’m sure though, I’m probably in the minority.

This corrects a serious bug. The Fan Activation Delay option to “simply let the furnace decide for you” should have been the default when this thermostat first arrived 6 months ago. All thermostats work this way and this is the option everyone should choose. The only reason to change this setting is if you want to turn the fan on earlier than what the furnace wants to do. Otherwise, always let the furnace decide, because the furnace was designed to operate in a certain way.
Remember that even if you setup the thermostat with a fan delay, if the furnace wants to turn on the fan immediately with a call for heat, the thermostat’s fan-delay setting will be ignored. Or if you setup a 60 second delay, but the furnace wants to turn on the fan in 30 seconds, it will turn on in 30 seconds.
I suppose that if the furnace’s delay timer or internal thermostat is broken, the Wyze’s delay function would be a good fix for that, but otherwise, I do not see why one would want to override the furnace’s setting.

I don’t do the beta thing…what’s the typical turnaround for them to get these into production firmware?