Thermostat - Display Indoor Temperature/Humidity in App Main Screen List

It would be great if the thermostat on main screen in app had the current temp and even color if Cooling or heat red.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @darlingt1this is a great idea! Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

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I’d love to be able to see the current temperature on the Home Screen.


It would be nice if the home screen showed the thermostat state and temp, much like the door lock shows status. This would allow me to check the temp without opening the device.


Having the temprature displayed in the home screen (see screenshot) of the Wyze App would save a click . It would be displayed much like the Battery Capacity of the Wyze Outdoor Camera in the screenshot.

I’m often just checking the temperature of the room without making any adjustments, and having it displayed on the home page would save a click.

Display thermostat temperature on home

The new climate sensors display their current temperature on the home page, without having to open them. It would be nice if the Wyze Thermostat had this same behavior.

Display Thermostat Temperature In Main App View

I would like to see the current temperature shows on the main app view similar to the climate sensors.

Yes this would be great. Sorry I didn’t see this post before.
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