Thermostat Display Improvement

I just installed two thermostats. Everything works fine but I am VERY disappointed in the display: The motion sensor is a disaster. I have to stick my face right up to the display about four inches away before it activates the display. If it is heating, I can’t read the current temperature without getting even closer. The Wyze app works fine but I don’t want to look at my phone when I just want to know what the current temperature is. It is even more frustrating for other members of my family.

I would prefer for the display to be always on. Also it would be much better if the current temperature display was much larger - even bigger than the heating display.

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I agree. Would rather the motion detection be more sensitive or the screen always be on. I find myself turning the dial frequently to wake it.

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Screen always on (maybe dimmed?) should be an option for C powered units.

When the system isn’t running, I would also appreciate being able to see the ‘set/target temp’ at a glance too, not just the current temp since so you can decide if you want to make a change to the set temp independent of the current reading.

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I was surprised that the motion sensor on mine works very well. I wasn’t expecting it to but have been super surprised. Maybe a setting can be added to adjust the sensitivity or turn it off and go to a constant dim and brighten it when you turn the dial. I hope to see the display updated as well. I would like to see the option of it showing the outdoor temp as well, maybe in a corner. I’m sure there will be firmware upgrades with improvements.


My motion sensor works good and I haven’t had any issues with it not turning on however, I would like to see a dim always-on display as well as bigger/easier to read numbers on the display.

I have a different concern. The thermostat is near our bed and when we roll over the display lights up, sometimes waking us.

It would be great to turn off its motion detection or maybe better,
have the option to program its operation by time of day.

Where on the stat is the ‘eye’ that detects? Maybe I could put a piece of tape over to defeat its sensing movement.


Additionally want the display and app to show when the blower fan is running due to the “Fan Cycle” setting.


This is a huge oversight on their end. Not to mention the lack of a single update over the past 2 months or so
Filter health at 0% used the entire time, no granularity into comfort settings (which appear to do very little as of yet), no ability to change deadband of 5° when in auto heat/cool mode, no ability to set minimum run time, and the list goes on and on. The thermostat works well enough for $50, but I’m very disappointed with Wyze launching so many products without proper support and documentation

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Please, please, please improve the display!

  1. Not just current temp should always be displayed, but the set temp should always be on (in the upper corner smaller…if it is in heat or cool mode). There is no easy way to see what the set temp currently is without going into the app.
  2. Also, an icon for the current state should also be “always on”. It is very useful to know if the thermostat is currently set to “Home”, “Away”, or “Sleep” without having to confirm it on the app.
  3. Allow disabling of the sensor as a trigger to change the thermostat state. Very annoying when running home to grab something and leave again, and later finding that my thermostat got reset to “Home” for three or four hours while I was at work just because I walked past it.

I can’t help but think that these changes would be appreciated by all users!!


I heartily agree with the sentiments in this thread. We need more options for the thermostat display. I have one in my bedroom and when it lights up at night when I walk by, it is VERY bright. TOO bright. And when it’s actively heating or cooling, it’s much worse because the whole display is lit up then. It’s supposed to be dimmer when it’s in Sleep mode, but that doesn’t seem to be accurate.

Also, it would be nice to have more display options like time, current temperature vs. goal temperature, with options for always on/motion on, and evening/day brightness settings.

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I can agree with several of these ideas, I would at least like to see more info upon when the Thermostat does illuminate (currently flawless in motion wake up for me). Seeing what the Heat To and Cool To and current Temps are set to at would be a minimum would be nice. I found that I miss having the current actual outdoor temp from my old Honeywell Thermostats. I do like that I can tell if its heating or cooling by the color change on the screen to blue or red, nice subtle workflow.

Please add a symbol to the app for when the fan is running.

Please show the humidity on the home screen of the thermostat.

My wife wants me to get the Nest thermostat since it also shows time. I already have a lot of Wyze stuff (6 cameras, 2 locks, scale, headphone, robot vac and cordless vac on preorder) and want to get three Wyze thermostats but I also read a lot of complaints from users.