Thermostat Complete Operating Manual

The Thermostat is great, installation instructions were minimal. Users need a comprehensive operating manual to avoid hours of trial and error in programming. PLEASE

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Need complete operating instructions for all of the Wyze devices, available online and searchable. Include, e.g., how to make the camera display change from last night’s image to the current view this morning. Wyze instructions are far too cryptic or just not there at all. Another example: The “three dots” instructions for registering Wyze plugs is useless if the three dots are not available. How to fix that? The search function on this Community page should be comprehensively redundant, but it isn’t. The technology of the devices is excellent. But documentation is stingy. Very frustrating.

Agree! Great job with setup instructions but nothing about operating it!!!

Totally agree on the need for an in depth instruction manual for the thermostat with more detailed breakdown of wiring and functions. This is not a standalone device; it controls some important and potentially dangerous equipment and begs for more comprehensive documentation. Why make us scour forums and the internet for answers that could easily be covered in a routine users manual? Can we get a reply from Wyze on this?

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Couldn’t agree more about the need for thermostat manual! Of all the Wyze products thermostat is essential. If it isn’t working or programmed properly pipes and people start freezing. At least around here. I’ve only had the unit for a week and multiple times woken up in the morning and the temperature has fallen WAY below the minimum set point. 53 degrees when overnight temp should be 62. Totally unsat there is no guide on the settings and how they interact. I may have to reinstall my old programmable thermostat. Very Disappointing.

The performance of my thermostat is adequate, but the lack of updates and features that were advertised having since been disabled is pretty disheartening. Don’t think I’ve had a single update to the thermostat in weeks

Yes please, a complete user manual is a must! Like many folks, I was thrilled that Wyze made a thermostat, but it has been an unending series of trial and error figuring out what is what. My wife is not happy and wants me to reinstall the old dumb thermostats!

Granticus nailed it. I would wander around my house for the next few weeks in the cold trying to figure this thermostat out, but my wife won’t stand for it. Please send us some instructions!