Thermostat bluetooth issue

Try with a iPhone. It worked for me
I think iPhone has Bluetooth 4.2. my Samsung with Bluetooth 4.0 had the same issue

I have a pixel 2 and it fails constantly, tried with my son’s moto e6 and it was successful.

worked for me. Thx

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Just got a couple of WYZE thermostats and after the first was installed, I couldn’t pair using the bluetooth function on my phone. Tried my other phone and it worked. In the process, I realized that the second phone I used had location enabled but the first phone didn’t have location on, So after installing the second thermostat, I enabled location on the first phone and it worked perfectly. Hope that helps some.


I also had pairing issues with the device. I unpowered the thermostat and tried repairing and it finally worked on the 3rd try.

What is frustrating is that there is no sync/pairing indicator that tells me that the device is locatable or pairable.

Suggest they add a physical sync/pair button to activate pairing.

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Maybe this is the unclear answer. Because my phone’s location is rarely on unless I leave the house. However my other devices and wife keep their location on. Can anyone else let other’s know if this is the likely solution?

I enabled BT and Location on my phone and the Thermostat connected. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks. It worked

My 1st thermostat paired well. The problem was with the 2nd thermostat. Initially, it also paired with the same iPhone. Then did the firmware install and stuck in wyze logo. Then, the reset trick got it to pair.

Yea mine still will not work. Turned off and on location, reset bluetooth and even the phone. The problem is the thermostat only emits a signal for a second then turns off the signal. I can not get a straight answer from wyze. I have been told to return it but i would not get a refund for the shipping, even though it is on their end for sending me a defective product.

Turning ON location (GPS) allowed my Motorola G7 mobile with Android 10 “find” my thermostat and continue with the installation process.

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Confirming that turning the location on fixed the problem. I was able to continue the installation. I turned off the location right after. This is very bad as, like probably many other people, I do not like to turn the location on. There is absolutely no good reason why the Wyze application should require to access the location on a smartphone.

Wyze should first, disable the need for accessing the location during setup; second, at the bare minimum they should indicate in the installation instructions to turn on the location on the smartphone to complete the installation.

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I highly recommend that you turn on location on your android phone. I was able to pair with the thermostat, then!

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Turn on location!

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Actually, as a security engineer, I strongly recommend that you keep your location OFF on your Android and iPhone all the time! There are no reasons for companies to know your location except for their own benefit.

Turn OFF location permissions for all the apps you have on your smartphone and just turn it on as needed for apps like map applications, if you really need to use the GPS.

In fact, I really would like to hear from Wyze a rational explanation of why they need to have the location on in order to pair the app with the thermostat.

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Lots of false starts until I turned on the location. This should be noted in the manual.

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Although you are right on this, it has become mandatory on Android (I want to say starting from Ver. 9 but it could be earlier) that any app that needs access to Bluetooth or WiFi need to use location. You can turn the location off once the pairing is done, but some apps still demand it. Also, Wyze use it to pinpoint your location during the thermostat setup process. Location is not needed afterwards.

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Mandatory is an interesting statement. It is not mandatory! I keep Bluetooth off at all time for security reasons. It would take too long to explain the threat model of why keeping Bluetooth off is necessary. But I do recommend to keep it off always, with the exceptions when it is needed to be on for a very short period of time providing the user understand why he or she is turning than on. Same for NFC. I also keep location off all the time, except for example when I want to use a map application. I also explicitly turn off Location, Bluetooth and NFC for all applications that shouldn’t need to access those services in the first, like Wyze for example. Why does Wyze app need to know my location all the time? It does not!

Applications like to access Location, Bluetooth, and NFC with the sole purpose of building a profile about users. That becomes clear when observing the traffic that comes out of a smartphone and observing that apps call home all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Wyze products, I just do not agree that the Wyze app wants to access my location, or Bluetooth and the like. So even if I have to allow location access to install the Wyze products, I block on the firewall any call to home…

Keeping BT and location off is the safe thing to do. Wyze devices will work with both turned off, but when you try to change settings or upgrade firmware you may run into trouble. The Lock firmware is impossible to upgrade when location is off (found that out the hard way). It would be great if Wyze would detect that before upgrading the firmware so you can turn it on for the duration.

I agree with you 100%. I myself am a security professional and do the same, but check this page from the Android developers site:

"Android 9:
A successful call to WifiManager.startScan() requires all of the following conditions to be met:

Location services are enabled on the device (under Settings > Location ).

Android 10 (API level 29) and higher:
A successful call to WifiManager.startScan() requires all of the following conditions to be met:

If your app is targeting Android 10 (API level 29) SDK or higher, your app has the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.

If your app is targeting SDK lower than Android 10 (API level 29), your app has the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.

Location services are enabled on the device (under Settings > Location)."

And it’s not just for Wifi, it’s for Bluetooth as well.


@ronen.rozner First off, the fact that a method exist to get a list if available SSID, it does not mean it is mandatory to have the location on. As documented in the link you posted above “If the calling app does not have any of these permissions, the call fails with a SecurityException”. Therefore it all depends how the code invoking that method treats the exceptions and the return code from the method itself. In essence is the Wyze code that may make turning the location on mandatory not the class provided by the Android SDK. So Wyze is the villain here! Do you work for Wyze?

@vincent, I haven’t had the chance to experience that issue. That makes what Wyze does even more suspicious! Why would they do that in the first place? Geolocation restrictions for their products? I am going to try to use mock locations in Android…