Thermostat always offline

Just installed the Wyze Thermostat. Installation and setup appears to work however I am not able to control the thermostat. The app does see the thermostat and it says its connected to the network (has ip address, good signal, etc) but any attempt to control it always ends up with the app saying its offline. The thermostat itself just display “Wyze” and I can’t use it either, nothing happens when turning or pushing in the knob. Kind of stuck without a heating right now. Hate to pull if off the wall and put back the old thermostat but not sure I have much choice.

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Same here. Guess its got something to do with the server offline issue. Will attempt my2nd thermostat upstairs tomorrow.

I noticed that when I first did the setup that it downloaded a firmware update. So I deleted the device and re-added it and now everything is working as expected. I guess the firmware update foobarred something so I just needed to re-add the device to the app.

I tried this and it didn’t work for me. It’s powered and showing Wyze on the screen. No able to pair it through the app or adjust it manually. It was working and I got through the install and initial testing before the firmware update took it out. I am also hoping that I won’t have to put the old one back on. If that has to happen might install the unopened Nest E that I was hoping to return.

Update: Pushing and holding knob allows you to reset. I was only able to pair to it after a reset. Cycling power did not fix it

I have 3 thermostats I installed 2 days ago. Within hours, all 3 disconnected from WiFi. I reset all 3 and that resolved the connection, but only for a few minutes. Within the hour, all 3 were disconnected again. When trying to reset them a 2nd time, I had several issues connecting to my wifi and had to retry numerous times. I finally got them connected only to have them disconnect 5 min later. I contacted Wyze via chat and they could not resolve it - transferred to higher level support via email. If I have any luck, I will update here.

Initial behavior on the one I installed was similar. I would be working it through the app and it would go offline. I would restart the app And it would appear to work for a bit then go offline. The only other bit is that I allowed it to factory reset when I pushed and held the button for 10-15 seconds. It has worked fine since I accepted the factory reset. And all of this happened after the firmware update that the t-stat called for after the initial power up.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I reset all 3 thermostats twice already after installing. They all go offline just minutes after setup. Oddly, they all connected a couple days later on their own and stayed connected… until today, when one dropped back offline. I am troubleshooting with Wyze now… more to come if they help me find a fix.

Update: wyze support has tried to support me via email only (no other option). They respond about weekly. I have no resolution and all 3 thermostats are still offline. Sometimes they connect, but not for long. I am using Google Nest Wifi, a very new/current network system. I’m at a loss, my thermostats are not connect, essentially dumb.

Trying a few different Wyze rules with my thermostat and after one of them the thermostat says it is off line. On the app it shows the cloud with a line through it for being off line. Now the interesting part is the app looks like it is controlling the thermostat just fine. But it isn’t responding. Alexa says it is off line too. Did a factory reset and now it is running correctly again.