The Unwelcomed guest in my crawl space


I am in home depot picking up traps as I am typing this post…


My wife would freak out like never before if this happened to us.


Well at least he’s a pretty cute little guy!


he was…


Lol I feel for you! I am the chief mouse killer in my house - it’s awesome to catch them on camera, you know what you’re dealing with at least!! lol




Hope your hunt is successful. See this video of the outcome of my own battle with Rattatouie. Lots of bait out, ate it like a king for a week before finally going in for the “special” surprise waiting for him. He was HUGE!


nothing like a little reality TV. ouch.


wow, thanks for sharing !


just what I bought my cameras for, to see why they are not getting caught!


“Aww…it’s so cute!” is what I’d be saying… just before I killed it.