The slider is back!

Still working this morning


Mine’s still there on outdoor cams

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Still there on my V3s


Now you’re just showing off :joy:! (I guess it’s true the squeaky wheel gets the grease… But then again, the nail that sticks up always gets hammered too :thinking:)

Mine is hit or miss with the 2 cams it shows up on. Sometimes it does… Sometimes it doesn’t. Mostly doesn’t.

My other 8 V3 and my VDB… Never.


I am not expecting it to last long - I thought that it was a decision by Wyze to restore it but your experience seems to show that it had arrived on my cams by mistake :cry:

Or an unexpected blessing. Maybe you are being voluntold to beta the feature since they had ‘difficulties’ with it in the past. Enjoy it while it lasts.

The slider has been working for a few days on all my v3 cameras. So happy it’s back!

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I just hope this is not some sort of temporary mistake by Wyze and the return of the slider is permanent.

I’m glad to see that someone else has got it back on all their cameras - I was beginning to think that I was the only one!

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I actually got that on one of my cams that never did it before. Go figure.

I will continue to monitor… Perhaps the tide is slowly turning as the servers propagate an upgrade???


Maybe the Wyze AI is taking over and doing the sensible thing as it realises that the presence of the slider is important :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s still there!


So for me this is what I’ve experienced since I upgraded the app a few days ago.

A) 100% of the time when the video is still “live” (so far), when I click a person notification for either of my v3s, I am taken to the Live View screen (ie no slider)

B) 100% (so far) if I then go to the events screen and the video shows it’s still “live” and click on it, I am taken to the screen with the slider. Yea!

This is definitely an improvement, though I just don’t get why this is so hard to fix. This functionality worked 100% of the time for like a year before Wyze broke it/removed it.


I just hope that Wyze do not remove it again.


This is exactly how my three v3 cameras work. I hope it stays this way. Why would they remove it again??

It’s still not working like it should, which is:

if I get a person notification and click on it, I should be taken to the screen with a slider if its still “live”.

This is how it worked for over a year before the feature got removed /broken.

I SHOULD NOT be taken to the Live View screen, which is what it’s doing for me now (and prior to the recent updates).

So it’s not completely fixed yet, but at least I now have an option to see the video before it’s finished recording and uploaded.


Someone at Wyze may have accidentally restored it

I have turned off all the AI and have just been relying on ordinary motion events - it seems like the AI part isn’t fully fixed as far as the slider goes.

I will have to test this on mine to see if I have the same experience on the cams that are sending me to the TUTK Live View. I have previously only been using the notification to launch, not going back to the Events tab to launch an event in live progress.

As mentioned before, I have experienced this periodically before, all the way back to right after the change was made. This isn’t a bug for them to fix. This was a decision made because the AWS KVS Live View (slider) was reportedly unreliable:

However, these reports are more widespread than previously experienced. I am also hoping it is permanent.

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I have never used the notification to launch the video - I always go to the events screen.


I tested this yesterday and confirmed it. Clicking the notification opened the event in TUTK Live View. Opening the app Events Tab and clicking the event still in progress took me to the AWS KVS Slider view.

That is a lot of clicking to get it.