The robot vacuum is awesome!

I’m in Canada and have been waiting for the Wyze stuff to cross the border for a long time. I finally got my first robot vacuum yesterday and I’m loving it. I’m blown away with how easy it is to use, I didn’t have to do anything other than plug it in and hit clean on the app. It flawlessly navigated my upper floor and did an awesome job cleaning!

I have three kids and two cats and keeping up with the house work is tough sometimes. This thing is totally worth it, and I can see it freeing up time I would have spent tidying up, to do other stuff around the house. I’m buying one for each floor of my house now. If they had one that could navigate and clean my stairs I would be soooo happy.

If you are on the fence, don’t be, these are awesome, buy one.

On a side note, I’m not sure what was up with the shipping, but FedEx lost my package, said it was delivered, opened it, resealed it, and then put it outside my house the next day after I started a “did not receive package” ticket. They didn’t even update the ticket to say they found it and delivered it, so something sus was happening there.

I’m not sure if the courier was trying to steal it, or it was just a mix up, but it was weird nonetheless. Would be nice to have the option of requesting a signature for delivery, or proof of delivery to help with package theft recovery if it happens again.

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keep a close eye on where the robot vacuum leaves its dock. you can find countless places on this forum where wood and carpet have been permanently stained.

Nothing better than coming downstairs to a beautifully vacuumed room. <3 wyze robot vac.

Great vacuums for the money. However, the replacement parts (rollers, filters, etc.) are NEVER in stock and Wyze won’t even comment on it. There are plenty of other knockoff options, but they won’t work as well.
Considering replacing mine as this seems to be a huge issue, especially when Wyze keeps it in the dark.