The qr doesn't appear on the phone

The camera did not want to connect and delete it. Now I try to install it as new and the gr code does not appear on the cell phone

This may be related to a service outage reported 40 mins ago:


I have the same issue, not receiving the qr code when trying to setup a new device. I have already reinstalled the app and the other 3 cameras work fine. The qr code screen simply comes up blank. I have confirmed I am on the correct network and that my password and all of that is correct.

This problem persists after you have said you have fixed the issue with the servers

This is the screen I am getting, no qr code present

Best to sit tight until things are stable again.


Welcome to the community, @scbrown78 and @damador. If you are still having issues, please continue the conversation in this thread. :slight_smile: