The "not intended for security" argument is getting old

That’s not how it works. For example, every month Microsoft and Apple and Google release fixes for all their products like Windows and iOS and Android. Most of those bugs you’ve personally never experienced, and yet, there are the patches being deployed and you’re installing. Because a certain percentage of users DID EXPERIENCE issues, even if they’re the minority.

Heck, even Wyze releases firmware updates for their products. What are in the firmware updates? Fixes for issues, most of which you may have never experienced, but that some customers HAVE EXPERIENCED.

So don’t pull this crap about if the majority don’t have issues, it can’t be a flaw with the product. That’s 100% illogical argument and completely false.

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Does anyone have a Pan Cam that works?

It appears these are more flakey than the v2 cams.

Mine works, for the most part. However it is indoors and receives 97% of WiFi signal from my router which is less than 20 feet away and on the same floor of the home. Though, I will say the novelty of the pan has worn off because it pans too quickly and the video looks like it was taken by a neurotic squirrel. I’ve turned the automatic panning off due to this and only use the App to adjust the camera angles. For my needs, that is fine. I just use the cameras to check on pets while we are away. My large dogs that freely roam the house when we’re out are my current security system.

Waiting for an outdoor camera before I mount any outside.

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Mine is outside but under my upstairs neighbors deck so it is protected a bit. Plus it has a case. I just checked the signal strength and it’s showing as “not supported” presumably because of the beta firmware. But my site survey shows 2.4Ghz WiFi at 95%.

I get tagging just fine and motion tracking although as others have noted it is very jerky so I don’t really use that feature. Person detection and just motion detection work well.

I have one Pan Cam and it is daily resetting the camera position and I can’t make out the audio of what people are saying. I have zero issues with my regular v2 Wyze cams.

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Any wireless security device is easy to defeat. All this talk about the 5 minute cool-down is a moot point.
It is easy to bring down a 2.4GHz network (or any other frequency, don’t advertise your brand of security equipment). If the wireless network is brought down, you aren’t get the first notice, there is no cool down period and the thief will take your camera with them.
Anybody who thinks they are getting good security from a wireless device has a false sense of security.

Any device man can make man can defeat. Anyone that believes otherwise is foolish indeed. :smirk:


Put the tin foil back on lol

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While not legal in most jurisdictions, you can purchase a radio jammer online. Not only for WiFi but Cellular transmissions. They only cost a few hundred bucks. There are probably videos on how to build them using a Raspberry Pi on YouTube.

Tin foil hat? You really think it is hard to jam a 2.4 GHz network? I work in the industry and have access to the equipment. You can buy it on eBay if you’d like your own, but they’re also easy to make with an old walkie-talkie set.
It is EASY to bring down a wireless network. At least a wired camera cannot be killed remotely.

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If you think that is “tin foil hat” stuff, you should appreciate that 15 year old kids could do this 10 years ago.

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If you want your own. It is really THAT hard to do.

Wired networks are actually easier to bring down, all you need is a knife or a pair of scissors.

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A dollar Bill

Here is an analogy for determining if Wyze Cameras are security Cameras or not.

A dollar Bill
A Wyze Camera

I state this is not a dollar bill and cannot be used for spending.
I state this camera is not a security camera and cannot be used as a security camera

The reason a dollar cannot be spent is that it could be easily stolen
The reason a security camera cannot be used for security is that it could be easily stolen

You have been told you cannot spend the dollar, yet you are likely to try to spend it anyway.
You have been told you cannot use the camera as a security camera, yet you are likely to try use it as a security camera anyway

So, what’s the difference?
A dollar bill that looks like a dollar bill, can most likely be spent like a dollar bill
A camera that looks like a camera, can most likely serve as a camera to record stuff. Regardless if your dog named Cat depositing some nasties on your new carpet. Or a burglar named Cat withdrawing some of Moms fake jewelry, is still a video camera that can be used for security. If you want to use a cell phone as a security device you are going to do that.

Your cell phone can be used to record video. We don’t have any consternation over the security definition or not of a cell phone. I don’t know the answer, but has anyone ever heard of a manufacture defining a cell phone a security device among its other attributes?

So the bottom line is, who the hell cares if it is called a security camera or not. YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT IN ANY WAY YOU WANT TO USE IT. The last I heard these Cameras are not meant for outdoor use, yet many folks do. Why no complaints there? Most everything I have read has been positive with regards to outdoor use and regardless if they worked or failed.

If Wyze put a big red sticker on each camera box that reads “Perfect for use as a Security Camera so you can rest easy at night” would that make you happy? Or would you complain that they did not mention anything about getting a warm fuzzy when your home during the day?

The difference in Wyze not calling this a security camera IMHO is purely one of liability. If they advertise it as a security camera they could and would be held liable for it. Especially in California :joy:. Do any of you realize how expensive Liability Insurance is for a company? It would most likely knock the crap out of the price for the very inexpensive cameras we all enjoy. Period.

Just my nickels worth. Inflation affects everything.


Pbtech: Relax. Yes I know a wifi lan can be hacked. But relax. No one is cruising your neighborhood scanning for your little wyze cam.

I bought one. It was way more hassle. I got it replaced under warranty and gave it to my nephew. That same day I ordered a Nest camera. The V2 cameras are worth the $25. The Pan Cam… I’d pass on it till the next version/generation.


Here is one that was made by defense contractor Boeing with a self destruct feature:

or a more recent one:

your logic doesn’t make sense - you are comparing a dollar bill (that someone is going to use as a dollar bill) and a smart camera (that someone is going to use as a security camera). Swap out a real dollar bill for a monopoly game dollar bill (or a wooden nickle), and now you have a good comparison. I highly doubt there is anyone on a Monopoly (or any board game) forum complaining that a retailer did not accept the dollar bill as legal tender. :upside_down_face:

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