The Future of Wyze is Coming

Interesting. I look at notifications as an aid. I also consider that insuring I don’t bother others with them is good manners. :slight_smile: Within my home, I have four Wyze devices. Ideally, each should alert me to which it is by using audio from my phone. If it’s a Tinkerbell, it’s in husband’s room. If it’s a Chord, it’s the front door. A Whistle is the garage door. You get the picture. Since I’m a caregiver, it would be immensely helpful to know which camera was detecting motion and sound. Then I’d know where my wanderer was.

I would love to have one of the Wyze techs explain more fully why this isn’t possible or even if it will ever happen. It’s nice to know we’ve addressed it on a WishList, but that doesn’t give hope to those of us who long for a more complete option for audio alerts.

Thanks for answering the question from your perspective.

Cathie Simmons


Will take a bit of work and some tinkering, but this may be hope

You can create an IFTTT recipe to play a custom alert on an Echo, via Notify Me, when motion is detected on a Wyze cam. (Not sure if there is a similar skill for a Google Home.)

UPDATE: I implemented this solution, and it works.

Couple of things to note:

  1. Notify Me uses the Echo Notifications functionality, so it shows you there is a new notification then you have to ask “Alexa read notifications” then it will say whatever you typed in your recipe. It won’t announce them immediately/automatically.
  2. It appears there have been some issues with Wyze and IFTTT recently, and people needed to reconnect to the Wyze service through IFTTT every 24 hours…will know tomorrow if this is still an issue and post back. (UPDATE 2: Still working.)

I use Zedge as my sound notification customization. Of course, it is for any Wyze notification, but I know its a different sound than say a Text. I currently have it set to Voyager door sound.

For those that need to know how: Download Zedge App. When you get a Wyze notification, open settings then notifications, click on the Wyze and then Sound. It will ask to use Zedge or other, there you can download or use a Zedge sound. Im not recommending Zedge that is just what I have found useful for different ringtones and alert tones. Easy for me to let my phone go to voicemail if its not a VIP ringtone. And the Voyager sound is not intrusive for me.

I am glad that works for you. On iOS there are no settings in the Wyze app for notification sounds. This is true for many apps on iOS. But on my work phone which is Android I have set ringtones for instance. When a call comes from the NOC it is assigned a specific ring tone. However this only works about 95% of the time. 5% of the time the wrong ring tone fires even though its the same number calling.

Since customizing ring tones on either OS is flawed and unreliable most of the folks I know have stopped doing it. But if it is reliable for you that is excellent!

Great news about the funding, I love my wyze pan tilt zoom it’s quite a lot of tech coming together and working well at such a bargain that blows me away, the interface, the app, and the design of the hardware is “just right” for me, I use my cam to help with an elderly parents at home with dementia etc. and I would be interested in hearing from others who use theirs in this way, any tips, tricks or helpful info, would be great to hear thanks for a great product

Hello jkleinelkhart
You may want to consider some motion or contact sensors in key rooms. They would be linked to your pan cam. Even though the camera may have no view of the triggering sensor area or door you will know it was triggered.
Victor Maletic

How about a smart alarm siren to go with wyze products. Plug in version.

Get a Wyze plug and plug the alarm into that and use a Wyze cam or sensor to set it off.


From a search of Wishlist :slight_smile:

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I am excited to hear this. Your products are good and the attention we get from the company is refreshing. Glad you found a funder who appreciates that it’s a key in the t the way Wyze differentiates itself from the bulk of the market.

You can buy through they ship to the UK. I’ve ordered twice without any delivery problem.

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Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. I love the freedom from restrictions that so many other manufacturers place on their products. Any chance there is a hub in development? Something that could be a central storage location for video while provided greater access security?

There was, it’s probably still on #wishlist or #roadmap. Here’s the link to it’s cancellation.

And here’s the #wishlist topic:

Heck yeah!!!