The Future of Wyze is Coming

Agreed, existing fix first

I would also like to see temperature sensors that work added onboard or external.


You can ship them to an American postal suite. They will then post them on to you. It costs about $13 for them to do that. That’s how I have done mine and then just use an iPhone plug in the uk. :grimacing:

What brand is it?

I wish you guys could make the camera record 30 seconds of motion instead of 15 seconds


It can record 86,400 seconds per day with an appropriate SD card.
And it’s generally frowned on posting the same thing twice.



It would be great if you could change the amount of time the camera records when it detects motion or sound. 30 seconds would be great. It would also be great to see a new camera with higher frames per second


Get an alert and it tells you the time…go to the video stream, back it up to that time, hit record and you can make it 50 seconds if you want.

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Mine only records 86,399 seconds on every day except the 5th Tuesday when it records 86,401 seconds worth. I think I have a defective unit. :laughing:

Same here…I have two Wyze cams v2 outside with no issues at all. I installed them using the protective weatherproof housing mount available at Amazon. It works great.

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New to wyze excited for the development of outdoor cam. Please keep 2 way audio & zoom. Congratulations

AWESOME !! That is such good news.

Apparently I read your post wrong… sorry…

LOL, reread my post, I said the sound detection for a smoke alarm. Have had multiple smoke and CO test alarms go undetected by my 7 wyzecams.
Go ahead and see if you can count on yours to report. I hope it works for you

Have you contacted our customer support team about this? We definitely want that to work for you!

Thanks for your reply. Looks like I’m not the only one, so how about the devs get cracking?

I’m not going to waste my time, when you guys get it fixed is fine, until then, I’m fully getting my 20 dollars worth, minus the alerts for CO/Smoke sounds, and intelligible audio. I know both of those will eventually be fixed and I can wait.
PS- not trying to be mean, I’m read in multiple places this issue, so in the meantime I have 4 z-wave smoke detectors and 5 Halo smart alarms, so I’m covered, but would love the addition protection.

Why is this being sent to me? It has nothing to do with me.

Ah, you don’t know how the forums work. Once you post or reply, all further replies get sent to you unless you unsubscribe from the particular thread.

I have this cool thing where if my child cries it sets off the co2 alert on the cameras

wow, maybe they have the camera tuned to an incorrect frequency? All I know is it does not work, smoke or CO, check out reddit

Or the light bulbs… Three out of four randomly turning on has caused me to unplug them.

While friendly and intelligent, their support team is slow to reply and even slower to offer a solution. I am lucky if I get one reply a day.

I pre ordered the plugs. I’ll with hold judgement until they arrive but I must admit, them turning on by themselves is something that is in my head.

I hope wyze isn’t expanding too quickly…