The Future of Wyze is Coming


We’re working on a NAS drive now. :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome


I would love to save time the NAS directly as well as view the camera in a web browser…


I’ve been using the smaller camera outside for the past two years and it still works great in 32° to 116° weather.

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Web Browser would be really good then not married to your phone or ipad


Congratulations folks! If you ever expand to Boston I’d join your team in heartbeat. What a great bunch.


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Congratulations on your recent new product release. What kind of range can we expect? Will scheduling be able independently of the camera?

It’s going to be an exciting year for WYZE.

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Love Wyze products. Please keep it up.:heart:

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I’d be interested in inexpensive open API 2160p@30fps cam that could do 35-45 Mbps and a 1080p@30fps cam that could do 8 Mbps…


Would love to see Wyze taking over the “SmartThings” home automation/security space using zwave standards and outdoor door bell so I can have all my “stuff” under one app.

It’s partly my own fault but I have ring doorbell, wyze cam, wemo smart plugs, and smartThings for security. I would even be willing to get rid of ring doorbell even though I like it if wyze came up with a suitable replacement.

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Where do we get the Wyze saran? And is it covered under warranty?


Hi David,

Sorry to hear you are having issues. I don’t know what your particular issue is but I have been able to help a lot of folks get past some sticking points in the past and would love to try and help you with your issues whatever they are?



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Good Day

Here is what happens if I unplug my Pan Camera to move it’s location, when I plug it back in. It tells me Can’t find network name, so push the reset on the bottom.

After it still takes 5 or 6 times to get to find the network name. Today when did the same thing said it couldn’t find the network name, but when it finished. It told me it was connected but that was after trying for hours to get to connect. My other camera which isn’t the Pan Camera, if I unplugged it for some reason it connects with no problems.

Have a Great rest of your day


Have a Great Rest of your Day


This would seem to indicate that the camera is having trouble connecting to the network in the new location.

You can try a different location closer to your WiFi or Router. I often put my cell phone onto WiFi in the same location and see if my phone can connect to the internet by doing an image search on Google via a mobile browser.

WiFi can be very spotty, and subject to odd interference. Large masses of metal like a steel door or aluminum siding etc can block a WiFi signal or even just thick walls using Sheetrock.

Hope this helps. But if not please let me know your results.



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Can you get an app on your phone that will show you your wifi strength?
For Android I use “Network Signal Info” by KAI bits.
You need to check the signal strength exactly where the cam will be.
Note with the cameras hooked up to the network you can go to
Settings–> Device info --> WiFi Signal strength and see a % signal strength.
For one of my V2 cams it shows 78% signal strength and my phone shows 54% and a dBm of -57, I’ve a another cam only a few inches away, phone shows the same, camera shows 81%.
Wifi can easily be blocked.
At one of the places I’m deploying cams outside I managed to find a “sweet spot” under a soffit, about 50 feet and 4 walls from the router. But I had to walk around waving my phone like a Geiger counter.
Two feet and farther either side was a dead zone


i think you can already do this via IFTTT

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Looking forward to the outdoor gear. Currently I have a Cam in my small barn and a Pan outside a shed.
The Cam is in a clear ice cream jar, works during the day but at night the IR reflects.
The Pan is in a cut down 2 liter bottle with a wood bracket mount, same issue with IR.
Last night I added my new Sense units. One is hooked into the Pan so my two adjacent sheds have sensors. One set is hooked into a Cam the sensors help to secure my garage and main entries with recording to two different Cam units to show entry and egress.
Love your products so far!


By “spin” do mean Pan cam?


Yes, my apologies, I named it Spin on my app. Let me edit that for clarity.


Love the cameras great job guys P.S still waiting on that Google Home Update