The Future of Wyze is Coming


I would truly like to see a low cost simple outdoor Wyze camera. There are plenty of outdoor cameras with extra bells and whistles, but you pay for the extras. Stay simple!



Excited for the outdoor camera.
I think it will be game changing.

I haven’t kept up. Is there a web interface for this yet?
Or a way to view multiple cameras at once?



**Hi to all at the WYZE team I have been very interested in your products for personal home use and tried to order direct but sadly you are currently not able to sell or ship to UK, I hope this will be resolved in the near future now that you have secured funding, the products design versatility and features are quit unique for target market that they are in. Good Luck in all that you do now and the future :+1: **



Hi Gary I believe this can be used outdoor with a third party silicon cover and also a pitched roof attachment for the top of the Wyze cam also a third party attachment



Nice !
I already got an Outdoor camera that support Winter condition (in Canada). Having it replace by a Wyze camera “winter” compatible would be a nice option (or simply added other camera to my yard).

I use for now a POE camera, so only 1 Wire that feed the power to the camera, and receive the signal.



Great news! I like that they work with Alexa, hopefully Homekit soon - I’d like to see them work with Ring - really get integrated with the home alarm system disruption :slight_smile:



How about we START by having the built in smoke/CO sound detector function ?? Hasn’t worked in years, aka forEVER



Just got my first wyzecam, love it, already recommended it to a Walgreens employee! Would like to see door alarms in future.



Congratulations guys, I just got the pan a week ago and love the product so far – already recommending to friends.
Product suggestion:
Definitely would appreciate door/window sensors that could trigger the camera to wake and look at a user defined camera position during a preset time/day duration.

Some key features I’d love to see on Wyze Cam Pan;

  • geolocation or proximity triggers to turn on or off when I arrive/leave home
  • the ability to define camera positions for automating (I like to turn my camera towards the wall when I come home)
  • the ability to have enter/exit tasks so that I can schedule the camera to wake/return to a preset position and sleep based on a the start and end of a preset schedule window
  • please add all features to automation options (motion tracking on/off, pan mode on/off, etc)

If I think of more I’ll be sure to share but I think the above could benefit many Wyze users!

Thanks again for making such an awesome product.

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Great, so does that funding mean that you’ll now implement HomeKit support? Please?

Because HomeKit will almost certainly translate to a multiplication of your sales - nothing fancy, don’t overthink it, just show the camera image, streaming when selected.



Here’s a non-product suggestion…for your next round open funding up to the uses. Wyze has what seems to be one of the most loyal and engaged communities. This would energize the community further and probably generate positive press. Regulatory issues would be a decent excuse but lets be creative.
6 Wyze cams

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Well don gents, and ladies… Nice hardware, can’t wait to see your next hardware.



Excellent news !



Great news! Now hire some people to look into the current issues before it’s too late.



Use the new funding to speed up HomeKit integration.



How can we invest in Wyze?

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Congrads. Placed an order for your v2 cam. Looking forward to new products and future versions of existing cameras.

Doorbell cam hardwired to the ringer power source would be on my list of must have. Battery powered outdoor unit would be nice.



Congrats!!! Can’t wait for the new things to come.



Congratulations :+1: Keep up the great work.

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