The Future of Wyze is Coming

Yes, though should be same process.

Agreed on the clutter, however if they focused on making the app more user friendly in less than sunlight, and adopted more of the user wish-list, then I’d be inclined to expand my investments in Wyze hardware.

They don’t realize how the app is holding back greater sales.

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First off, I’m glad I asked the question because I got some thoughtful answers. Particularly @jdnobil 's response.

There does appear to be a lot more to it than I expected. I was expecting there to be one stylesheet defined for the whole of the app to draw on for something as basic as background and foreground colors. It’s not a wonder anymore why so many apps still don’t have a dark mode. I’m guessing that it has to do with backwards compatibility and cross compatibility with iStuff.

I gonna be a lengthy wait. :open_mouth:

Yes, @jdnobil did make it sound as easy as replacing a few lines of code.
In real life it’s not that easy any more.
You’re not just swapping black for white. Other colors and icons have to be changed.
Decompiling it at home doesn’t give us the original theme files used.
Ah well, I’ll keep playing around with it.

Wyze can send me the source code if they like. :grinning:

Usually when someone claims a thing is “trivial or easy to accomplish, or should take just a few minutes” or anything along those lines it’s a good indicator they have no idea what they are talking about.

Using an APK decompiler and modifying generated color constants is not equivalent to the actual effort. Additionally making the changes so they can be applied as part of a system theme can be much more involved than it looks.

If the app was and or is written to use styles and themes from the start then yes it’s fairly straightforward. If not then it gets messy quickly.

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The request is well over 1 year old.

Improving visibility for users with low or limited vision and those who are sensitive to bright light should be a priority.

Depending on how the code is written it’s a no brainer.

I used to code web pages, also know many programmers who code games. Calling color codes for backgrounds and text is NOT overly complex

Here’s a good primer:

Adding Dark Mode Support to Your Android Apps” by Harshit Dwivedi

It is.

Hi Angus,

The output of an APK decompiler renders ANY APK as themed so unfortunately that’s not conclusive nor is it at all representative of the original code. I write Android and IOS apps for a living, it’s literally my day job. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I knew something wasn’t right from looking through the manifest file.

Not that simple dude. I am a native developer, it’s not as easy as swapping hex codes. It’s also a lot of work for a brand stand point.


Exactly! If it was that simple they would have done it already.

Yeah, well they have no problem bloating it with new products and subsequent software features.

It has been requested for quite some time. Had Wyze thought it important, the app would have recieved the attention it deserves.

It’s more like they dug themselves a hole.

The re-do is WAY overdue especially considering both volume of sales and variety of devices.

Now they are fishing for additional funds… Let’s hope they don’t get swallowed, redirected and then put out of business like so many who have come before.

The volume of orphaned “connected” (now “disconnected”) devices from other, larger, more widely know companies is depressing. Yeah, I own a bunch. @WyzeAustin please consider my words as helpful constructive criticism, and please get this thing moving

That’s one thing I learn after setting up security cameras around my house. I’ve been looking at one tonight that is glowing white while it’s night, kind of bouncing around. It’s really annoying. They build their webs right in front of your lens. I guess right in front because the 2 IR lights are glowing Red on my Cameras.

Yup, @victormaletic is spot on, the IR lights on any brand of outdoor camera will attract insects, which attract spiders, which attract brooms… :angry:

Simple solution - broom

Professional solution - mount a separate IR illuminatior away from the cam and turn the IR on the cam OFF.

Please share how you were able to use your camera outside. That’swhat I want. I am going too buy more :camera:.

You have to place them in an area well under or near or under roofline or cover commonly known as Eves of a House. Where rain and windy rain won’t reach.

Running the new aftermarket 26’ USB cord ( Amazon 3pk for 11.99) from Camera to power source is dependent upon where you choose your camera location.

I used a 1/2” drill bit to drill into enclosed eves and then a flexi-bit from attic to a designated power source receptacle that can carry up to 14 camera load.

It sounds complicated but it you know a single electrician in friends and family then they know exactly what you need and want. It’s likely if you have an attic light then tapping off that for a boxed receptacle would atleast handle 6 cameras as is.

Hang camera upside down, and flip the image in the app for correction. Mounting on the siding surface of the house limits your field of view and I’d suggest getting a wall mount adapter for that idea to work.

Seal all holes you drill with exterior grade caulking.

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@dnice253 Welcome to the forums! You can find a lot of tips on installing Wyze cams outdoors in this thread here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for the information!

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Thank you so much for the information!

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I worked for a tech company in the 90s and still can’t figure out how new companies can burn through that much capital. Gold plated toilets and $1,000 desk chairs?

I wish Wyze continued success as a market leader.