The Future of Wyze is Coming

I just saw the outdoor cam blueprints online. Soon :wink:

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Saw this on Reddit: Wyze Outdoor Cam Nears Release


Same thing I saw ^^^^. Most exciting product update. Ever!

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It was also posted in the
Outdoor camera thread.

I am so excited. I got the Wyze Band today. My excitement is actually anger. Its impossible to get the holepunch band off of it so I can put the regular band on it. And the instructions that come with it are worthless. It does not appear to even resemble the method. Sucks, sucks sucks.

Its impossible to get the holepunch band off

@SamBamm See if this helps.


A carbon monoxide detector built into the camera would not work because those detectors have a limited life and most be replaced after so many years.

Yes improvements would include a speed control so we can quicly scan through a timeline.

My old Logitechs had that feature. I have replaced them by Wyze Cams and sorely miss that.


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Did you vote for Dark Mode here?
App Dark Theme / Mode

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Dark mode should be a standard option.


Yes and have posted numerous requests. I find it VERY disappointing in an instant they could write new firmware for Wyze cams to turn them into webcams, but they cant recode a simple color choice or at least give a switch in app setup for a higher contrast mode.

It is mind boggling they have remained silent - I’ve even signed up for Beta testing the app in Android, no such test in any beta has been pushed


It’s not mind boggling. It’s just not at the top of the feature request list. You do know how many people use Wyze, right? Not all of us have the same ideas, wants, and/or needs as you.

I and 672+ other people agree. :slight_smile:
If they can manage the complexities of white on black at least some contrasting color would be nice. Pale thin fonts on a white background isn’t exactly accessible friendly.
I see they have changed a few icons.

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I mean dark mode should be the way apps are written to begin with. wyze or otherwise. People who use non dark mode intentionally are probably lizard people.



April 16

It has been noted 672+ other people agree with the need for a dark mode. Did more than us ask for webcam firmware to be developed near instantaneously?

Think of how many don’t use this forum, and wish list.

It’s a no brainers to just do it.

I guess you don’t get your eyes blown out at 3am like we do. Lower brightness only lowers the contrast even more, making it just as hard to read.


Fully agree. This is not 1988


The dark mode is something that we’re interested in but takes significant reworking of the app to implement (similar to why landscape mode hasn’t been implemented yet). But it is something we’re researching. :slight_smile:


So what you are saying is that there is no section of the code where those values are all defined?

I guess it would be difficult then.

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It shouldn’t be complex at all.

The call-outs for the 2 colors used are simply repeating lines of code. Not too unlike editing a windows registry file once inside the APK. The developers should know that.

If one wishes to edit the APK, here is a guide:

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:slight_smile: I started looking at the APK last night.

I’m sure it’s not that it’s hard to do but rather the devs have a list from the higher ups that they need to get done to show investors. I’ll be using mine in dark mode in a few days once I have some more time to finish. If it ends up stable( I am not an android developer but I know enough) I will share it. If anyone else does, I encourage you to do the same.

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