The first batch of Wyze Floor Lamps is on its way! - 5/12/21

Dear Wyze Floor Lamp Preorder customers,

My name is Amanda and I’m the Product Manager for Wyze Floor Lamp. Thank you for participating in our preorder for Wyze Floor Lamp! We sold out of 20,000 Wyze Floor Lamps between the launch day on April 13th to April 23rd. We have been ramping our speed on the factory floor to keep up with these orders! We’re excited to share the news with you that the first batch of Wyze Floor Lamps have officially been completed and they’ll be shipped to the Wyze warehouse soon!

We’re looking forward to each preorder customer receiving their lamp and experiencing the bright and focused light from their adjustable lamp for the first time.

We will update you the status of our production and shipment. And if you have any questions about Wyze Floor Lamp, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

To be continued…


Thanks for the update, very much appreciated!


Appreciate the information being provided. Nice to see these types of notifications.


Looking forward to getting mine!!


Any chance this will have Alexa compatibility?

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I can’t wait to get mine I love every product I have ever gotten from Wyze!!


Zero chance. It only has Bluetooth support.

Appreciate the updates. You guys understand how to treat customers!


Thanks for the update. I planned to use it in one room where I see and record music, but now I’m thinking it would be even better as a reading lamp. Ah, the options!


Thank you for the great updates, It lets us know you haven’t forgotten about us. Can’t wait to get my lamp! Enjoy your day.


Except for adding landscape mode to your Wyze App. Maybe someday :sleepy:sigh

Can’t wait. Enjoy all of the products except for the need for the external monitoring for the Home Monitoring system. Keep working Wyze. You’ll overcome the BIG GUYS soon.

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My Wyze bulbs work with Alexa. I am guessing the lamps will. You just have to add them in the Alexa app.

Hi @ReadyForSunlight Wyze Floor Lamp uses BLE technology, unfortunately it does not support Alexa. We will definitely take that factor into consideration for our future product definition.


Fastest pre-order, ever.


Awesome news, thank you.


Except for not fixing their crashing headphones for months on end!!! Which is why I refused to buy this light or anything else of Wyze. I wanted to get it, but refused to. If you ever have to deal with Customer Support, they are SLOW to respond.

Sorry, no. Wyze has been very clear. The lamp will not work Amazon or any other DA. Blue Tooth only.

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Good to here. I think they will look great in my bedroom

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From the get-go Wyze has been perfectly clear. There is no integration with Alexa or any other assistant. Only BlueTooth.

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