The Band, "Pairing rejected by WYZE" - Refund, please!

In July, I ordered a Wyze Band. In ten days I had it, and in ten minutes I knew there was a problem. It wasn’t pairing.

Say it with me - “Pairing rejected by WYZE” .

Not the app, not the phones (Android 8 and 9, and iOS), not the tablet was the culprit. The app works fine with my WyzeCam on all platforms. The Band is rejecting the pairing.

I did fresh installs of the app, upgrades, reboots, the whole song and dance. I dropped to command and dumped the network cache data on the Android, just in case. Same error.

Then I got on with tech support, who had me repeat everything I just did. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”

Replacement Band arrived. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”

Did the song and dance confirmed latest app, confirmed Band firmware, etc. Turned off every WiFi and Bluetooth device in the house and car just in case of possible interference. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”

Got on with tech support, did the song and dance again. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”
Got passed to T1 #2 five days later. Same routine. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”
Got passed to T1 #3 five more days later. Same. Result. “Pairing rejected by WYZE”
I finally gave up and asked for a refund. T1 #3 asks for original order numbers, I provide.

Next day T1 #3 emails for the replacement band order number again (which was right next to the first order number on the original message). I resent the original message text and highlighted both numbers. Now, two weeks later (8/28), I have still not heard from anyone about a refund, I have follow-up emailed several times.

C’mon kids, Someone please get me an RMA and process a refund. Thanks.

Hello @Drew_S and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you experience has not been that great, I will tag @WyzeGwendolyn although being late in the day they may not see it until Monday. Do you have any support numbers that will help them, if so post them here and I will help see if we can get this resolved.

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Hello Jason,

687093 - First contact with support, resulting in sending replacement

703145 - Second round of contacts from replacement band, and requesting refund

Thank you.

Thank You. I will try to get someones attention to this