Testing new hardware

I’d love to test the locks, doorbell cam, or the smart thermostats. I have a dual system with an ecobee upstairs and another one downstairs.

Please see the page below in order to apply:


@Loki, if I signed up as a hardware beta tester a few months back, am I good to go?

Not sure how their selection process works.

Sooooo… will I never be able to be a hardware tester as the facebook email address is a required field on the Alpha/Beta testing intake form? Was on facebook once upon a time many moons ago, but haven’t been on in years at this point. Just curious. I support Wyze 100% and would love to get in on the testing level to try out some things and provide feedback.

Thanks in advance for whoever can respond.

@FalcoholicInBama I was never on Facebook before I got addicted to Wyze … but since Facebook is, for now, a requirement to eligible to test Wyze hardware, I broke down and joined Facebook in hopes of future testing. Maybe you can rejoin Facebook but only do Wyze stuff. There is a forum for Wyze Core group with 1,000s of users and a private beta testing … both of which are great!

Ughh… I’d really rather not, but I understand why it’s easy and works best for them regarding communicating with lots of people at once. Utilizing Slack or something not social media related would be a personal preference that would also get the job done imo… but again, I understand. Just thought I’d ask but if it’s not meant to be… I’m good with that too.

'Preciate the response @todwatts!

As Tod has pointed out, Facebook is a requirement for hardware testing (not for software beta). We may at some point be able to transition that over here to the forum, but there are no firm plans for that at this point.


@mvb, There are a limited number of hardware beta slots. Once you have applied, you are placed in the queue to be notified when your name pops up for future testing opportunities. Unfortunately, I’m not privy to how many are in the queue or where your name might be in that list.


That was what I thought and was hoping how it worked. Thanks,

Ive got a fake name account I started specifically just for ordering an item from a seller who went through facebook. It still somehow knows and recommends me friends who I know in real life though.

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I’ve signed up a couple of times. :slight_smile:

I cant remember if I have applied for this or not? If i apply more than once does that disqualify me?

It should be okay to apply again.