Terrible Customer Service!

Are you sure you are not using a beta? Because I’m not the only one that doesn’t have those options. What version of the app are you using? Mine is V2.19.24

No beta. Samsung S21 Ultra.

I’m reading now that the options you’re getting won’t show up if the firmware is already up to date. But there seems to be another way to roll back the firmware but it’s more labor intensive and requires an SD card. That’s too much work for me, so I guess I’ll wait until there is another update.

Would be nice if Wyze would at least acknowledge that there is an issue with the firmware causing the pink flash and immediate recordings. I do not like the direction this company has gone with their constant releasing of buggy software.

I had updated to the newest version and then rolled back so it’s definitely possible. The reason I rolled back was because the newest version was garbage. Are you sure you’re going into the settings for an individual camera? You can’t bulk roll back. I didn’t invent these instructions, someone told me how to do it, I’m just paying it forward. Seems you’re overlooking something.

Yes, I was going into the settings for each individual camera. But as I said others aren’t seeing what you are either. And I’m not overlooking anything, the option just isn’t there for any of my cameras.

I just found a V2 camera in my closet and plugged it in, it has version and it doesn’t do the pink flash thing. Went into the settings and on the Update Firmware page there isn’t a “Have problem?” to click. So apparently even if a camera has an update I still can’t roll back the firmware via the app. No clue how you are getting it.

One of my Pancams is fubared so it won’t update or rollback, and I have the option on an Android device. It happened once before and I was able to remove the SD card and erase the firmware version and copy an older version to it from my PC. Since I don’t use my cameras anymore there is no reason for me to perform this procedure but it might work for you. I wouldn’t do this unless you are first able to download the desired firmware to your PC and are comfortable doing the procedure. I say this because I think if you erase the version on your card and are unable to copy another version you may brick your camera for sure. YMMV.

I don’t have a PC, I’m on a Mac. I know about using an SD card, as I’ve already said. But it’s time consuming and I really don’t want to do this for a dozen cameras.

No problem, I was just trying to help. I suppose you can call Wyze and spend time on the phone, live with it, or don’t use the cameras.

Thanks but, have you tried to get a hold of anyone at Wyze lately? It’s nearly impossible, because they’re all to busying developing new products. So yeah, I’m pretty much done buying anymore Wyze products until they fix their customer support issues.

I have the same issue with my two Wyze pan cams. They were both fine and then after a software update they weren’t. I’m losing faith in Wyze…

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Same issue here with two V2 cams. One is more affected as it is in a place with low light. I start them at the same time of day and every day I get a notification of a detection because of that. It well could be a firmware issue as this didn’t happen some months ago. Will see how a revert goes in the most affected.

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Could be a firmware issue? Umm, it most definitely IS a proven firmware issue! Wyze just has not admitted it to us yet, in fact Wzye hasn’t said a word about any of it. Updates should make products better, not worse. How about don’t release updates until they are properly tested. And if there is an issue make timely fixes or at least give us an easy way to revert back to a previous firmware.

Downgraded firmware but the problem persists. It is different as before but still sends a false positive notifcation.