Temperature / humidity chip in Sense sensors

Please create a remote outdoor temperature device that shows the current temperature, and records them according to frequency settings that we can set, like every hour, every 10 minutes, etc.; that we can then download. It would be excellent if the app that goes with it lets you select what dates to view in a graph or list, etc.

Offer it with the option of also having an indoor module upgrade that shows the current temperature.

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I would love to the temperature when I look at my cameras video. Example: We own a remote camp but there is power and internet there. Our camp is 2+ hours from where we live. In Northern Maine, the weather can be drastically different from where it is at our home. So we often look at the cameras to see what the weather is actually like before we head to camp. Cloudy, sunny, rainy…it would be nice to have the temperature on the live video screen and maybe even the wind conditions. Yes, we could just check he weather, and we do, but it’s not always accurate.
Just a thought.


Great idea!!!

I would LOVE to know and track specific rooms both indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature. Most products out there are not wireless and all sync with a non wifi central screen station. I would love a wireless and integrated with your app to see and receive alerts. The sensor should be a waterproof, moisture proof, dust, etc. It should be able to placed both indoor and outdoor inducing refrigerator or freezer. Would be a great addition to Wyze ecosystem.

I am new to Wyze but so far I have been super impressed by all the products. #wishlist

A stand-alone temperature and humidity sensor is now available!

V2 sensor hub required

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Not standalone and V1 hub (of the V2 camera) will not work. Monitoring System is required.
According tot he FAQ on the climate sensor page:

Can the climate and leak sensors work with the original Wyze Sense v1 Bridge?

No, these sensors are incompatible with Wyze Sense v1. They must be paired with a Wyze Sense Hub, found in the Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit.

That’s what I mentioned:

That is perfect use for these!