Temperature / humidity chip in Sense sensors

I use a Switchbot hub ($39) and sensors ($19):

For some reason that second link keeps showing the snapshot for their original hub (which is accessible from the same listing) rather than the sensor.

Very excited Wyze is make a Thermostate and DoorCam and Earbuds. Still at the top of my Wishlist is a Tempetature sensor, humidity would be a bonus. If you are like me living in California you pull up your weather app to see what the temp in your area is but the Actual Temperature. In my case this temperature is normally 5 to 10 degrees higher.
I have read on the community board many suggestion. Sensor in Cam, Stand Alone is my preference since I have many cams already as a loyal customer.

Yes PLEASE! I have been discovering your products and have several of your cameras already and LOVE them! The only thing keeping me from purchasing plugs and sensors and ditching my old WINK system altogether is you don’t have a temperature sensor yet. I use plugs on an air conditioner and heater in my reptile room to keep a set temperature in that room. I use a temp sensor to control these actions. Please develop a temp sensor and then I can say goodbye to WINK.

I would love to see a temperature sensor that works with Sense and where I could use in a routine.

I definitely have a need/use for a sensor that returns the temperature/humidity. I have several areas with space heaters to keep the room at a certain temp and have these heaters plugged into a Wyze plug.