Temperature chip in Sense sensors

Would like to see a temperature chip added to sence censors to control future light switches and or plug in sence plugs. Switches to turn on ceiling fans and plugs for fans and room heaters. Chip would cost pennies and programming is quick and basic.

I would like to have an outdoor temperature sensor to go with my future outdoor Pan cam so I could have the cam shut down when it got too cold.


Sometimes is usable/needed to be able to check this, maybe inside a room/garage/empty house

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Knowing the temp in the childrens rooms would be very useful.

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Temp sensor would be great, especially if they can be integrated with thermostats

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My cameras run a little warm most of the time. A temperature sensor would have to compensate for this somehow.

That’s what temp sensor would nee to be in contact or motion sensor. Cameras, bulbs and plugs would not work. Maybe a separate temp. Sensor

Definitely an off-camera sensor, something in the motion detector form factor.

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Would like a temperature and humidity sensor that can be used indoors and outdoors and will work at low temperatures.

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This would be incredibly valuable. Great reason to have one in every room!

Having a temperature sensor would also be good for a freeze alarm in the garage or under sinks for pipe freeze.

I don’t have a need for a PIR or contact sensors but would buy at least six (6) temperature and humidity sensors. Your manufacturing partner has these for sale on AliExpress but I would prefer to buy them from Wyze and have them integrated into your application environment.


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I want a stand alone temp sensor to tie it to my Google Home work and my Honeywell Thermostat.