Temp/Humidity Sensor

No screen is great. Should have an internal and/or remote sensor jack so that we can use indoors/outdoors/fridge/freezer/BBQ and hto tubs/pools (not that I have either). Simple.

I would like the ability to have a sensor (pick) I could put throughout the house and be able to set the unit to work off of them on a schedule.

No screen, keep it small. I plan to use them to set up alerts and triggers so screen would be superfluous.

Now I use shelly ht and plugs to trigger heater and fans for green house. But not compatible with ifttt. It uses a cr123a and last all of my usable greenhouse season. They also have a usb adaptor that removes the battery to make it hardwired. But the biggest thing for me is it needs to connect to wifi on its own. Wyze sense is not practical in a house or outdoors. If I could keep everything in the same ecosystem it would be awesome. Now pay 23$ for Shelly’s and get a relay and trigger humidity and temp. Logging and can export to csv. Outdoor sensors can be larger they can use AA batteries for cost or recharging. It just has to be as reliable and cost the same as leading competitors, but with the wyze ecosystem connected with the ability to use as a trigger.

I would like all of the above with at least one screen or at least visibility in the Wyze app. Would love being able to trigger fans heaters ac humidifiers dehumidifier all with these sensors. Where do I sign up???

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I’m looking for a temp/humidity sensor that I can check from time to time and that will push notifications to my phone when I am not home if a limit is reached. So It needs to connect to internet router and be able to push a notification to the internet. Ie - I want to know if my furnace is broke if I’m not home so I can do something before the pipes freeze. A lot of these things only tell you what’s going on if your home. If I were home I could just walk to the thermostat and skip a sensor. I’d like to plug it in rather than charge it. Or if it is charged - make it last a year.

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I use Ecobee and my current complaint is that I don’t have a screen for those. so I also have temp sensors in the room as well.

I would vote for a screen version.

I was waiting for the external sensors before I ordered the Thermostat. I liked the image you all provided with the Thermostat. Is that what you are working on?


no screen needed.
just use app to data log every 5 mintues or something so can watch when it fluctuates.

but a larger plug in with more features isnt a bad idea.
like the indoor plug vs out door vs surge protector.

  1. release basic temp/humidity sensor
  2. release “heavy duty” version that is stand alone device and works in conjuction with basic sensor to identify cold/hot spots
  3. intergrate to thermostat and cameras eg, basic sensors in camv4 / thermostat v2 has “heavy duty version” built in

We want small and inexpensive since many will want to put in multiple rooms of the house. Therefore , no screen.

That makes sense.

When can we buy it tho?

No screen. What is the latest on developing this? Need tester volunteers? Here.

Small screen would be nice but def not necessary. Just got a G____ battery powered WiFi thermometer that is just a featureless rounded square hanging on a lanyard with readouts in an app for temp/humidity and the ability to alert if temp / humidity gets beyond certain parameters. It’s awesome but I REALLY wish it was part of my (already extensive) Wyze ecosystem.

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That sounds awesome.

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