Temp/Humidity Sensor

The reed switches have been fun to hack and use slightly different than designed… like water sensors or extending out the reed switch from the board. Curious to see how this is designed because a flat, two or three wire, tape design of a cable would be a great way to get a sensor into a fridge. Sensor stuck just inside, flat tape cable goes out flat against the fridge structure sandwiched by the door seal, and the board hides above or on the side. I’d choose the side with the door hinge to hide it better.

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No screen! Make it tiny.

No screen.

At this point, the votes are so far in favor of this it seems the “election” has already been won.

I currently have sensors (Switchbot) that have a display, but I can’t say I would miss it that much if they didn’t have it.

A vital feature for me is the ability to ask Alexa the temperature of a specific sensor (which I can with the Switchbot devices). Bonus points if I could also ask it the specific sensor humidity (which I can’t with the Switchbot devices).

And extra bonus if Alexa can climb up in the attic and change the battery in my sensor. :slight_smile:

I have ecobee sensors that do the same and work with Alexa - but they cost a fortune.

You can do that, just enable the Battery Change skill. Takes about 3 years to kick in so do it soon!

The Switchbot sensors I mentioned aren’t terribly expensive ($19 each), but require a $39 hub, which makes them a bit pricey if someone only wanted one or two.

Sounds great, hopefully you can keep the cost down, maybe discount for buying multiple, because I’m going to want 6 at minimum,

Please make it so the app can show the readout from multiple sensors at a time on a single screen. Perhaps configurable color coding too, i.e >90F red, 80-90 Yellow, 50-80 green, 40-50 yellow, <40 red. History of temp would be great too,

Here’s my pie in the sky idea related to temperature/humidity sensors. I scrolled through the topic fairly quickly, I apologize if this has already been mentioned.

In addition to being able to see the temp per sensor, have the ability to associate a sensor with a camera so that when you view that cam the temperature is displayed on screen as part of the stream. Picture a group of cameras each with their own associated sensor, you get a view of the areas and the current conditions in each of the locations.

I prefer option 2 so it will be inexpensive and can buy many more.

Data available on the Band, maybe part of the Toolbox.

Data available, superimposed, as on option on any cam image during live view.


It would be nice to be able to plot a graph of humidity & temperature vs. time/date. If you stored the data file in a format that could be imported to Excel or LibraOffice to create the graph then you don’t need to create any graphing software.