Temp/Humidity Sensor

Hi all! Some inside scoop for you all… we’re working to add a temperature and humidity sensor to the Sense family and looking for some feedback! One of the major questions we have is: do you need a screen? The two options are:

  1. Have a screen which allows you to see the temp/humidity directly from the Sensor (vs having to open your app), but will increase cost and require the ID to be much larger.

  2. Don’t have a screen and keep the device as tiny as possible allowing for you to stick them all over the place.



I would prefer no screen but great integration into the app so these things are easy to get to. Perhaps a customizable dashboard (or dashboards) is needed now with so many devices in the ecosystem.


Personally I have no need for a screen, I would be happy to check the numbers in the Wyze app.

My use case would be to place sensors in each room of my house, shed, and crawlspace to monitor temperature/humidity distribution. No one but myself would need to see the readings and I would prefer that they be small and unobtrusive.


Definitely option 2! I have a screen on my phone which is always nearby. Go for tiny, inexpensive and durable.


No screen is required, for me.


You get a good star for the day! Perfect idea for a wish list topic. I don’t remember seeing a wish list idea for this yet. Nice! I use action tiles for Smartthings/Wyze/IFTTT and an all in one within Wyze would be fantastic since my arsenal is most Wyze gear.

Back to topic, I vote no readout, just find a way to show the info and optimize the app interface to display all the Wyze info efficiently. Keeping the price down, be inexpensive (not cheap, that is different), will allow folks to have a more robust setup.


No screen

I need a display, but I expect I can use my phone or Fire. Will this be independent or Sense Bridge connected?

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Temperature and humidity sensors Would be a great addition .
I heat my home with wood so I like to know What The temp and humidity is Throughout the house and basement .
Too bad this was not available In the past , Because I already have a system for that And it works great .
I have 7 temp/humidity Sensors Around the house and one outside , the indoor sensors all have a screen I very rarely Look at them , The app is Easy to Access , I do have a monitor in the living room That shows 4 sensors that I do look at , It wouldn’t be a big deal at all If I did not have that monitor .
So, the bottom line , I vote for sensors with no screen , they would be Less expensive , unobtrusive and Easier to place where you want them .

I Also vote for a customizable dashboard


A screen is not necessary for my purposes so I prefer Option 2. And, a compact unit without a screen could be priced much lower to consumers.

One of the applications could be inside a refrigerator or freezer which means the signal from the temperature sensor would need to penetrate the cabinet of the unit (that is a tall order). There are many applications for a temperature sensor (rooms, garage, near fireplaces, crawl space, attic, dog house, chicken coup, wine rack, beverage refrigerator). You know people will want to place them outdoors so they may need to be sealed from moisture.


Or a long lead to an antenna.

I second everyone’s thoughts no screen. It’s nice to get an idea around the house for different temperature zones and you can just take a glance from your phone what is happening. I especially look forward to this for monitoring the area where my dog sleeps.

No screen!

No screen

no screen

No screen

You might want to Develop One for outdoor another for indoor .
The outdoor Obviously would be waterproof and Probably Need to be A little more robust With Better signal range And cost more .
Many people have Outdoor wireless Temp and humidity sensors, But being able to integrate it with wyze would be sweet .

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No screen

No screen needed, keep costs down :grin:

I choose no screen, but hopefully integration with Google home app and the home hub/smart displays

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