Team Android or Team iOS?

I feel so left out! No “Team Blackberry” ?!? :grinning:


in all fairness there’s no team nokia (old/ unbreakable) either…

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You do have a point!! :crazy_face:

There’s no team Windows Phone either. :slight_smile:

But more seriously/importantly… the phone team groups on the forum are obsolete since we added a field in the user profile where you can specify on what type of device(s) you run the Wyze app:

The field is mandatory for new signups. But if you signed up before we added the field, please click the gear icon under your avatar, top right, and fill that field in your profile.


I prefer andriod myself but there is no reason that one is better than the other. I see benefits to both and depending on your level of technical needs, one may be better suited.

I do take issue with Apple removing the headphone jack and using that silly lightening connector but what can you do?

I think that is the future though , my new windows laptop doesn’t have regular USB jacks , only thunderbolt, so, just like a headphone Jack, now you need adapters :anguished:

I didn’t know windows machines used thunderbolt. I thought that was iOS only?

You sure you don’t mean USB-C?

Yes Sir thunderbolt 3 , Samsung laptop.
Laptop is charged from thunderbolt Jack there is no other charging port, they also have video out on the same connection

Ahhh! I Was thinking Apple… Lightening jack…Lightening/Thunder…I was confused as to why a samsung would have an apple only jack, but it doesn’t…

I’m ok with the thunderbolt for now as long as it keeps the USB-C ability. USB-C “should” be the new standard for a while. I agree the adapters are silly.

If Samsung removed the headphone jack I will be annoyed. I use that a lot.

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Laptop still has a headphone jack, I don’t know if Lightening jack is the same as thunderbolt, I don’t have any apples, Macintosh or otherwise :grin:

I never understood the bashing of either sides choice of phone or computer. Why does, or should anyone care even a tiny little bit which phone brand anyone but themselves chooses? I’ve seen these types of discussions devolve into pretty bad name calling of users of the other brands, often worse from the anti Apple side. Personally, I use devices from all of the big 3, Android, Apple, and Windows. I even use old tablets and phones from both OS’s mounted to the wall displaying my Wyze Cameras door and front yard view 24/7 in the kitchen and living room.


I’m team phone. The OS is a pointless thing to ask about.

It is not pointless to ask, when trying to help people all information is helpful, there are issues that only pop up on one or the other.


Except this isn’t an issue thread. Its purely asking what phone OS is better. There is no correct answer to that. In a “Im having ap problems” thread it would be a good question.

If the question was “What benefits do you see in your phone OS?” that would make more sense but OS thread tend to devolve into apple fan boys and android fan boys when it really makes no difference as long as no one is using windows CE.

That was taken from the original post.

Can’t stand the playschool type OS that iPhones have, iOS is too restrictive also…

Android is the best platform for me…

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Yeah I saw that. In fact I understand the reasoning.

But politely put, I do not however agree with the wording or the way it divides people over something so silly.

As supported by the comment below yours.

"Can’t stand the playschool type OS that iPhones have… "

What a pointlessly condescending statement…

While I also prefer Android over iOS there is nothing wrong with it. It fits a user type that needs it. iOS is great for people who have little to no need to understand technology but still want to enjoy it.

Using the terms team iOS or team Android make it into a unreasonable competition over nothing. Why?

The internet already is a haven of division. No need to perpetuate it on a budget smart home forum. I’d think division is the opposite of what wyze intends.

Why not , “what phone do you use?” Or "tell us your phone os! ". Then they would gave more useful info. Without knowing what version of the os they have it’s kind of useless. Android 5 is way different than Android 8. Not to mention the phones are another level of variable.
I know when we test software for mobile devices, we break it down by os, version of OS, as well as types of phones. LG may not have the same response as a Samsung even though they both run Android. Maybe that’s not an issue for them? I don’t know. I’m guessing there. But I’m already off track…

This team stuff is juvenile and counterproductive in my opinion. Maybe I’m totally off base but the polarizing/condescending comments in this thread make me think I’m not.

Again, just my opinion.


I use an iphone and I appreciate all the continuous progressive progress in the Wyze software in just two years, as well as users like Jason21271, helping to keep the discussions on-point. Thank you!

I see the value in sharing the OS when there are questions about using the Wyze App to help the software development team triage the situation.

Its interesting to me in seeing the comments about adding that one fact point when seeking application usage information or help, regardless if this is an open or closed arena.

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Yup, it boggles my mind why anyone would care about someone else’s likes, dislikes, or choice of things like phone OS. Many people seem to care enough to actually argue or even actively make fun of people for their choice. I tend to see it more on the android side making fun of “Apple fanboys” with internet memes and everything else, but it happens on both sides and it’s ridiculous. I think I’d have to seriously reevaluate myself if I found myself caring what brand of anything someone else used.

Having said that, I personally use a little of everything when it comes to OS and find advantages and disadvantages in all of them. My wife and I each have an Android tablet and an iPhone, and I also have two Samsung Galaxy tablets mounted to walls in the house as 24/7 monitors for my Wyze cams to see who pulls in the driveway or comes up to my door. I use Windows for my general computer use and although I’ve used iPhones for the last few years, I’ve switched back and forth between iPhone and android phones a few times over the years and have used Blackberry Windows phones over the years too. Years ago I even had a cool Palm Treo phone which was really high tech for it’s time!

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It on both teams. Carry a pixel 3 and an iPhone xr on me every day. I prefer Android, but so appreciate iPhone also (particularly from a hardware standpoint)